Quick and Easy Learning with YouTube – Top 5 Japanese Channels

2014 May 28
by Haley Albin

Ever thought about learning Japanese but you don’t have time to sign up for an actual class? Wait! Don’t go out and buy a Japanese/English dictionary or Japanese textbook to self-study just yet! Instead, what if I told you can learn the language for free? In addition, what if I told you can learn the language for free online?

While there are some websites that will charge fees for language lessons, the best way to access free Japanese lessons online is through YouTube. What makes learning Japanese on YouTube special is that you can learn the language wherever you are such as on the computer at home or your mobile phone on the way to work – it’s as if you’re on-the-go with a language class! So without further ado, I will list the top 5 YouTube channels that teach Japanese!

Top 5 Japanese Language YouTube Channels

1. JapanesePod101.com

Features include: Speaking Basic Japanese, Writing hiragana and katakana, Learning Japanese holidays

Subscribers: 130,435

JapanesePod101.com is great source because the lessons are fast and easy to comprehend. This channel focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening the Japanese language. You can also sign up for a free account on their website!

2. JapaneseJoshi

Features include: Vocabulary, Grammar

Subscribers: 9,954

JapaneseJoshi focuses on simpler forms of Japanese lessons. Some of the videos include skits to show how certain phrases and sentences are used.

3. fluentjapanese

Features include: Grammar, Conversation, Reading hiragana and katakana

Subscribers: 1,840

fluentjapanese is a helpful channel for beginner Japanese language students. With this channel, you start by learning how to read Japanese and then work your way up to be able to hold a basic conversation in Japanese.

4. Nihongo no Mori

Features include: JLPT lessons, Samurai phrases, Kansai dialect, Culture lessons 

Subscribers: 13,880

Since all of the videos on Nihongo no Mori are conducted in Japanese, this channel is recommended for people that have experience in learning Japanese. Furthermore, the main highlight of this channel is that it is helpful for studying JLPT N3, N2, and N1.

5. GenkiJapan.Net

Features include: Learning basic Japanese phrases, Reading hiragana and katakana, Culture lessons (Note: ESL videos are also included in this channel!)

Subscribers: 42,307

GenkiJapan.Net is hosted by Richard Graham, the CEO of GenkiEnglish.com . This channel will teach you tips on how to learn Japanese (i.e. through songs or games) in a “genki” way!

Whether you’re learning Japanese from scratch or have been studying the language for almost a decade, YouTube videos are always a great form of foreign language education if needed (credit lisa). When in doubt, the Internet always helps!

So what are you waiting for? Click that subscribe button to any one of these channels and polish your Japanese skills!


(For online resources to learn Japanese on this website, please click here!)

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