Intermediate Japanese – N5

Course Description: Intermediate Japanese Level 1 starts our class series for the Intermediate learner. The goal of the intermediate classes is to prepare students for speaking more Japanese in everyday life and the workplace, and is based on the standards of JLPT N5 / Starting N4 Level Japanese. Jpn_1

Our intermediate series is more intensive than our beginner series, and focuses on using more Japanese in the classroom with less English explanation.

Course Goals: This course is preparing students to speak and listen to more Japanese, so both speaking and listening skills will be improved. Grammar will also be taught, along with specifics from the Genki 2 textbook. (chapters 16 and 17)

Course Curriculum: Follows materials selected by Hills Learning, Genki II.

Maximum Attendance: We feel that having a smaller amount of students makes for a better language learning experience. Please signup now as space is limited to 8 students.

Prerequisite: The pre-requisite for this course is familiarity Japanese taught in the textbook Genki I and some of Genki II, which includes Hiragana, Katakana, 200 or so basic Kanji, basic grammar forms OR EQUIVALENT. Please contact us with any questions and to check your level.

What students are saying about Hills Learning:

“Small class size is excellent. Teacher is knowledgeable and helpful.”


“My teacher has been wonderfully prepared and enthusiastic about tailoring lessons to suit my requests and interests. We covered pretty much everything on my list of goals and even more. And, it was quite fun.”

Art Design Scholar

“For anyone looking for an extremely personal, high quality, and inexpensive language learning experience, I definitely recommend Hills Learning. ”

College Graduate Who Just Recently Got a Job in Japan