Online Portal Explanation

Hills Learning offers a portal for all our teachers and students, called Tutor Panel. Here is an explanation for some of the features offered through the system.  You can also click the “Information” tab on right, that has some explanation about each feature.

Home Page – Upcoming lesson schedule and recent invoices (please note invoices only apply to private, not group).

Profile – List of your personal information. Here, you can also turn on and off your notification emails of upcoming lessons and lesson notes from classes.

Calendar – Here’s where you can view all your scheduled lessons for the semester, and also if the lessons are at Hills Learning, you will see which classroom the lessons will be held.

Please note, any lessons before December 16, 2013 will not be listed.

Billing – Here’s where you can see your account history, payments, and pull up invoices. If you click on Tutoring Package, you’ll see how many credit hours you have left.

Please note, any transactions before December 16, 2013 will not be listed.

Payment – If you like, you can make a payment here for lessons.

Files – Here is where files from teachers and administrators (if applicable) have been uploaded for you.