Learn Business Idioms - Part 5 - Two "Cut" Phrases

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Business Idioms Series, Part Five: Welcome to the Hills Learning multi-part series on business idioms. Each week we’ll be covering 5 business idioms in alphabetical order and giving you the definition and some example sentences. If you’re an intermediate English speaker and feel confident about your English skills then you can go ahead and try using these idioms at work, or you can just use this list as a reference. Practice active listening and listen for these idioms at the office ...

Learn English NYC - Business Idioms - Part 2 "Bottom" phrases

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Hello students of English, these idioms are meant to help your understanding of Business English and English used in the workplace. Please read below in regards to these common business English phrases and please don't hesitate to ask any questions in regards to their usage or application. The business idioms series is a series of articles targeted at businessmen that need to use English in the workplace. Whether speaking with clients or writing emails, its important to know the lingo of ...