Learn English NYC – Business Idioms – Part 2 “Bottom” phrases

2011 February 18
by Jane

Hello students of English, these idioms are meant to help your understanding of Business English and English used in the workplace. Please read below in regards to these common business English phrases and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in regards to their usage or application.

The business idioms series is a series of articles targeted at businessmen that need to use English in the workplace. Whether speaking with clients or writing emails, its important to know the lingo of the business environment you work in.

The Bottom Falls Out/Fell Out/Drops Out/Dropped Out


“To fall significantly below an earlier low price”

Example Sentence:

When the bottom fell out of the British real estate market many companies were forced to close.

Meaning: When the pricing of homes in Britain became too low, many real estate companies went out of business.

The Bottom Line 1


“The final figure on a balance sheet, the net income of a company”

Example Sentence:

When we took a close look at the bottom line of the insurance company, we decided not to invest in it.

Meaning: When we examined the net income of the insurance company, we decided it would be a bad investment.

The Bottom Line 2


“The most important point about something”

Example Sentence:

If our flight is late, we will miss our connection. That’s the bottom line.

Meaning: The most important point about our flight being late is that we’ll miss our connection.

To Bottom Out


“To reach the lowest or worst point of something”

Example Sentence:

Temperatures will bottom out in the teens tonight but reach the mid-30s by noon tomorrow.

Meaning: The lowest temperatures expected for tonight will be in the teens.

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