Classes for Kids

Hills Learning has classes for all ages for our languages. We have taught students from 3 months to 17 years old. Mainly what we have for kids is the opportunity to take classes either in private lessons and semi-private lessons, although group lessons are also available. The location for lessons can be at our center, online, or sometimes in students homes.

Our curriculum for kids in private lessons can be custom tailored to specific needs in the lessons. Classes in general are a mix of language instruction combined with fun activities, games, and songs. Basic vocabulary and grammar, along with basic alphabets are taught to children of all ages.

While it is important for the students to learn in our lessons, it is equally important to us that the lessons are enjoyable and that the kids want to learn more about the target language and culture. We therefore are in touch with the parents to see how the lessons are going and if there is any reinforcement at home, or additional activities outside the classroom to encourage them to learn about the language and culture.

What Kids Lessons Parents Say