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Student Testimonials

  • I have loved my time at Hills Learning. I took Japanese for three semesters in college, and I feel I am twice as proficient in half the time.

    Jon B

  • I took beginner level 1 at a different school and I've learned way more here at Hills because of the immersion, which I appreciate even in really low-level classes.

    Hayley M

  • The class has been wonderful in helping me learn Japanese. I came in a complete beginner and have learned a lot in a short amount of time, enough to have me excited to want to learn more. My teacher takes time to answer all questions and explains things very well, all in all it's been an amazing experience.

    Audrery M

  • I absolutely loved my experience at Hills. Sensei is amazing, so sweet, and such a patient teacher. Coming to Japanese class was my favorite part of the week.

    Dana Y

  • Target language only was great. It was a good class and I will continue.


  • This has been a really good program – the structure is good and feedback is immediate. The verbal practice really helps reinforce the written practice.


  • I really enjoyed the challenges and the pace set by my instructor. I have enrolled myself into this year’s JLPT N5 exam and the pace of this class will help me cover most of the topics I want to, without resorting apparel courses. She is a great teacher, with really good method of educating students that are interested in Japanese and in her class. I think I am very clear about all topics she has covered so far and I am really looking forward to the next semester.


  • The class was conducted entirely in Japanese. Very good at explaining grammar. Students create their own sentences from grammar patterns. Chose a very interesting way of material to watch, read and study.

    N1 student

  • Learning Japanese N1 with my sensei has been an amazing experience for me. She makes the classroom ambiance as consistently Japanese as possible in terms of dialogue and questions and answers, and her feedback and explanations are always thorough and extremely helpful. I'm very satisfied with this course.

    Khalid H

  • I think that the attention given to the class is great and that I can email the teacher if I need assistance or clarification is incredible. I think that the value I'm getting for the price is really exceptional.

    Joe M

  • The sensei is a great teacher who can really push us in terms of using the most out of what we know. The class size is great, the pace of learning material is great, and the aspects that aren't covered in class are well explained in homework or in following sessions.

    Miguel L

  • The instructor is very very helpful. She never seems to get frustrated when you get something wrong. She is also very laid back. She has been very good and I can't imagine learning better with anyone else.

    Brian G

  • The teacher is great at keeping a dialogue going in Japanese as much as our skills will allow for, and her sense of humor keeps the topics interesting! Also good at motivating work outside of the classroom.

    Jaz H

  • In general I am very satisfied at this point. We have been focusing more on conversation practice in my last 4 or 5 lessons, though somehow we have also covered a good deal of grammatical material (from the teacher and from Japanese for Busy People II). The teacher is very skilled at shaping the conversation as it develops so that I feel challenged but not overwhelmed. I definitely feel more confident with my speaking ability, which makes me feel great; and I am much more comfortable with some grammar concepts that have stymied me before.

    Orion A

  • The teachers's been a great help with my prep for JLPT 1 and she makes the effort to go beyond textbook material by organizing discussions of current events and modern Japanese culture. I'm going into the exam fully prepared and expecting to do well.

    Chunming L

  • The sensei is a great teacher and she has really helped me to learn a lot of things about kanji and certain grammar points that I could have never picked up without her expertise! I really feel like I wasn't able to give Japanese my 100% attention in the first few lessons but other the past 3 or 4 weeks, I have been studying hard and hope to continue lessons until JLPT in the winter.

    Iaisha S

  • I was impressed by the professionalism and willingness to teach the language of the sensei. With strength of just 3 people, it was kind of semi-private lesson and she made sure that everyone understood everything taught in the lesson. I should also mention the consideration by Hills Learning to change the class timing. I wasn't able attend as per original schedule; but the director made an effort to switch the class to a time which suited everyone. I really appreciate it.

    Vishal P

  • My experience was overall fantastic! I learned so much in only 4 weeks, which included reading, writing, and speaking Japanese. Both teachers were excellent and their teaching performances were outstanding. I know that I will always recommend Hills Learning to anyone interested in learning a new language. I look forward to more experiences with Hills Learning in the future. Thank you!

    Nicole-Amanda M

  • Even though the class was only once a week I felt like we covered a lot and got a general understanding of Japanese. I enjoyed going to each class and the teacher was patient when students didn't understand and she made it fun by making it very interactive. My favorite thing we did was translate manga pages. The class also drove my motivation to continue learning the language so I was very happy to be a part of it.

    Pamela V

  • The sensei is great! She's really knowledgeable and encourages us to use what we learn in class. I've already enrolled in the next Japanese program.

    Joe M

  • The teacher is awesome, very organized. The class is well structured and I am impressed with our progress so quickly for a class that only meets once a week.

    Joann C

  • The teacher was extremely kind and patient, offering her knowledge of language and anything else we had questions about. The class was fun and engaging while taught on a relaxed but professional level. I felt fully engaged in the language I was studying.

    Martin A

  • I like this small size class, and able to ask any question when I do have. My teacher is a great teacher, very patient, and really spend time on our homework.

    Jennifer C

  • I like the fact that classes are small and the time is good for those who work or go to college. I like the fact that we do all the exercises to reinforce what we learned, and that we receive help with the JLPT exam as well. Thank you!

    Jessica R

  • I really liked having small class size. It kind of gives a personal touch to learning. The teacher is knowledgeable and her teaching methods are good. She would explain same thing again and again till everyone gets it.

    Vishal P

  • So far the approach to Japanese as a first time learner is useful and goes on a good progression.

    Miguel L

  • My sensei is an excellent teacher who really tries to cater to our needs and adjust the lessons according to our strengths and weaknesses. She truly puts in a lot of her own time into her lessons and the homework and it definitely shows.

    Joseph M

  • I am thrilled to have learned Hiragana and Katakana in such a short time, and the instructor has done a great job of pushing us to master this quickly.

    Emily H

  • My teacher is very very helpful. She never seems to get frustrated when you get something wrong or something. She is also very laid back. She has been very good and I can't imagine learning better with anyone else.

    Bryan G

  • Every lesson I learned a new grammar structure and I'm glad that I have been able to use it within speaking. My teacher has incorporated homework assignments and activities that stretch beyond textbook standard procedures to keep lessons interesting. I have learned a lot and I am grateful for this opportunity.

    Melissa P

  • Prior to Hills I was self teaching Japanese. I did well but I felt I'd do better with some structured lessons and feedback from a teacher. My instructor has been great! She's really knowledgeable and encourages us to use what we learn in class. I've already enrolled in the next Japanese program.

    Joe M

  • I am very satisfied with the level and the size of the class, and with the teacher's method as well.

    Gae F

  • Very thorough. Challenging. Engaging. Fun! I'm quite satisfied with the quality of instruction.

    Shari S

  • My sensei is an amazing teach- she cares that her students learn Japanese and it really shows.

    Douglas S

  • I am enjoying my language class with my sensei so far. I have been able to recognize certain terms and use them in a sentence. I am slowly picking up on having a conversation in Japanese. My hiragana writing is improving thanks to the class.

    Adalia V

  • I have truly enjoyed going to classes and am very satisfied in the progress I've made learning Japanese so far.

    Evan F

Private Classes for Adults

Would you like to get the best out of your experiences traveling to Japan? How about you’re looking to develop in depth knowledge and functionality in Japanese, and group classes in the past haven’t worked for you? Do you have a specific need in Japanese to develop your language skills quickly?

Hills Learning’s curriculum for Japanese comprises both language and cultural instruction. For each class, we follow our SWIRL methodology, developing at least three of the five language skills per class. Our main goal for Japanese private lessons is to develop conversational skills, but we also specialize in test prep (JLPT and others), cultural etiquette, business, or just general language acquisition.

Within this basic framework, Hills Learning’s staff develops curriculum and assessments based on student needs and goals. Private lessons are a unique opportunity for students to learn Japanese at their own pace.

Private Classes for Teens and Kids (Tutoring)

Are you interested in having your young teen or kid learn about the Japanese language and culture? How about your teen watches hours of anime or reads manga, and would like to learn the Japanese language? Maybe your family has ties to Japan, or your child would just like very much to travel there?

Hills Learning offers a unique opportunity for kids and young teens to learn Japanese in private lessons. We can not only teach them the basics of the alphabets, reading, writing, and conversation, but it’s also possible that the classes your child is taking with us can be transferred to their respective high school or college for credit. Please see for credit for further information.

For more general information on our Japanese classes for kids, please CONTACT US

-Our usual schedule is 1.5 hours per week for 8 weeks (12 hours total)
-Interested in more than one semester? Please look at our class bundles
-Get a discount on your next semester if you refer a friend / family member
-Check course details for more information on the textbook

Other Lesson Types

Japanese Online Lessons give you the opportunity to learn Japanese with us even if you cannot commute to our center in New York City. Students can attend Japanese classes through the comfort of their own home using a handheld device or a desktop / laptop computer. We have options for students to take Japanese with us either in a private lesson format or a group lesson format.

For private lessons for online students, we arrange a schedule like we would with regular Japanese private lessons, matching the student availability with the teacher's. We usually skype or zoom for online Japanese lessons but there are other programs that we are also open to using.

There is also an option for taking Japanese group classes online. Currently during COVID-19, all of our group classes are being offered online. Once we start offering face to face NYC classes again, there still will be options to take group classes with us online. Please either visit the online page for Japanese classes online to see more details or contact us for any further information.



Level Info

Class Levels - Beginner 1, 2, 3 AND Adv Beginner 1, 2, 3

Level Descriptions (Beginner 1, 2, 3) –
The Beginner Japanese class is for students eager to learn the basics of Japanese, where they will learn basic greetings and conversational skills to shop, order food, and discuss their schedules. They will also learn Hiragana, Katakana, and start learning Kanji. Our courses are designed for determined beginners who want to develop their language skills by reading and writing while working on their conversational skills and being able to start forming basic sentences in Japanese.

Level Descriptions (Adv Beginner 1, 2, 3) - 

In Advanced Beginner Japanese, students will go more in depth in their everyday life skills in Japanese. The advanced beginner starts out with discussing one's home, and giving commands. The student then in the next level discusses traveling, and how to give directions. Finally the advanced beginner series ends with the theme of hobbies and experiences, where we equip students to perform all basic Japanese tasks. 

ACTFL Standards - 

All our courses relate to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines - We are aiming for students in our beginner levels to have novice mid language proficiency, working towards novice high proficiency.

JLPT Equivalent - 

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5

Supplementary Textbooks - 

Although Hills Learning has its own curriculum, we also recommend using the Genki 1 textbook in our Beginner levels