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Group Classes

Group classes give students the unique opportunity to develop their language skills with other classmates. Through interaction with an instructor and understanding of your classmates around you, you develop partners in your quest to develop communication skills in the target language.

Private Classes

Private, individualized lessons are the opportunity for you to develop your language skills at your own pace. Group classes are sometimes too slow or fast, and in individual lessons a professional instructor will adjust to your pace and review with you where appropriate to develop your communication skills.

Why choose Hills Learning?

Fully Accredited

Hills Learning has been fully accredited since May of 2016 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. 

Student-Oriented Approach

We take a student-oriented learning approach in which students come first, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Best Native-Speaking Teachers

We spend lots of time and energy recruiting some of the best native speaking teachers for the languages we offer. 

Proven Teaching Methods

Hills Learning has its own unique teaching method, SWIRL, that focuses on the speaking and listening components of the language for a highly interactive learning experience.

Our Mission

We inspire the confidence to communicate in a foreign language, stimulate motivation to achieve each individual’s goals, and encourage a lifetime of language learning. 

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Director's Message

"Welcome to Hills Learning. We’ve been around since 2009 teaching foreign languages to New Yorkers, and have been accredited since 2016. We’re a private language center next to Grand Central. We strive to always listen to student needs and goals and we hope that our classes will provide you with success. We pride ourselves on being there every step of the way during your learning experience."

Jon Hills, Co-Founder & Director

Student Testimonials & Success Stories

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