Group Classes

Our group class schedules are situated around "Semesters”. Semesters are time periods generally defined by classes of 8 weeks (intensive summer programs are 2 weeks only). All our semesters are named after months, so “November” means classes that generally start in the month of November (sometimes semesters start or end a little early).

Group classes give students the unique opportunity to develop their language skills with other classmates. Through interaction with an instructor and understanding of your classmates around you, you develop partners in your quest to develop communication skills in the target language. Group classes also allow for activities that enable you to practice speaking with classmates from a variety of backgrounds and conversational abilities.

Our curriculum for group classes gives students an opportunity to learn with us long term. With over 40 levels of classes (1 level lasts 2 to 3 months), students can potentially learn with us for 6 years or more in their quest to becoming an advanced speaker of the language. Once students reach the advanced levels, we also have ongoing classes that engage real world media and resources in the classroom.

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