Learn Business English Idioms – Part 6

2013 June 17
by SWIRLsite

Business Idioms Series, Part Six:

Welcome to the Hills Learning multi-part series on business idioms. Each week we’ll be covering 5 business idioms in alphabetical order and giving you the definition and some example sentences.

If you’re an intermediate English speaker and feel confident about your English skills then you can go ahead and try using these idioms at work, or you can just use this list as a reference.

Practice active listening and listen for these idioms at the office or on the news. Some of the idioms will also appear in newspapers as well.

To Cut Back


“To use fewer or less of something, or to cut spending”

Example Sentence:

The company was forced to lay off workers in order to cut back on labor costs.

Meaning: The Company’s labor costs were too high, so it had to lay off workers to save money.


To Deliver the Goods


“To fulfill goals and expectations, usually in the context of a job or project.”

Example Sentence:


We took a chance hiring a new contractor for the project but they really delivered the goods.


Meaning: The new contractor did what was expected of them on the new project, they met expectations.


To Double-Check (Something)


“To check something again to confirm that it is correct”

Example Sentence:


The bookkeeper double-checked his numbers on quarterly profits before giving them to the accountant.


Meaning: The bookkeeper checked his numbers again (one more time) before giving them to the accountant.


To Draw up a Contract


“To make a contract”

Example Sentence:

A large part of the lawyer’s job is spent drawing up contracts.

Meaning: The lawyer spends a lot of time making contracts.



The Face Value (Of Something)


“The official or original value of something.”

Example Sentence:


The face value of the coin was very small, but because it was so old, it sold at auction for a large amount of money.


Meaning: The original value of the coin was low but it sold at auction for a lot of money.

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