Chinese Teacher Profiles

Chinese Teacher


Tzu-Yun Vivian

Bio – Vivian has her masters for teaching Chinese from Columbia’s Teacher’s College. She has four years of teaching experience, including running a class at Columbia where she helped create the curriculum, along with teaching at a couple schools in her home country Taiwan. She’s passionate about teaching, and enjoys working with students from multiple backgrounds and discussing various topics.

Personality – very outgoing and friendly, always brings energy to her classes.

“Personal interaction with my students is one of the most important aspects of my teaching philosophy. I make great efforts to individually get to know each of my students and am also interested to know their life and backgrounds. By this, I can adjust the learning contents accordingly to their life, their surrounding events, which encourage students to use the new language in their daily life. In my own experience, students always feel excited and empowered when they can express their thoughts and talk about themselves in Chinese.”


Bio – Simeng has taught on a private level both Chinese and Japanese. She’s trilingual, and is interested in teaching either language. Since graduating college she’s been a day trader in New York City. As an equities trader she is exposed to multiple financial and political events and concepts, which makes her an interesting candidate for students looking to learn language for business reasons.

Personality – a little shy, very patient and disciplined.

“I feel that I’m very good at communication on a private level, as shown by my successful experiences as a teacher’s assistant at University and also tutoring my peers in both Chinese and Japanese. At work I take initiative to explain concepts to my fellow co-workers when they do not understand, and find myself ending up being a mentor for traders who are new to the business.”


Bio – Jack has years experience teaching Mandarin and Chinese culture at a Chinese language school in New Hampshire. After he moved to New York, he worked as teaching assistant at New York University, where he finished his second master degree. Jack has developed a variety of  his own  teaching methods  to  help students   make connections between Chinese and English . He also has been recognized for his calligraphy abilities, and won several competitions in China.

Personality – Cordial, Candid and Creative.

“It is a great pleasure for me to carry forward Chinese language and culture to this city, which happens to be a huge melting pot of the world. Teaching Chinese gives me the privilege to share the spirit and vigour of my nation with people from around the world.  M y teaching philosophy is to develop methods to inspire students to find their  own personal way of learning Chinese. L earning Chinese  is fun and should be fun — lots of fun.”