On Demand Classes

What are classes on demand? How do I contact you about this?

This option is for students that would like to take a group class with us, but for whatever reason they’re currently unable to take the existing classes listed on our website.

The process is simple, you simply contact us, tell us your preferences, and we’ll reach out to our network of students and see if there’s enough interest in starting a group class. If there is, we’ll offer the class! We only need 3 students to start any group class.


What kind of courses can you offer?

Hills Learning, for our core languages, can offer classes for all levels, goals, and schedules. Would you prefer morning / afternoon instead of evening or weekend courses? How about a conversation only, a business class, a writing class, a readings class, or some other speciality course? How about an advanced course, instead of intermediate or beginner?

With over 40 levels of classes per language, and experience in teaching a large variety of levels and goals, Hills Learning can offer a course with any specific goal in mind. Please contact us for further information.