Programs for Schools

Thank you for your interest in Hills Learning and working with us to provide a quality curriculum and courses for your school. Is it unfortunate that only 20% of Americans speak a foreign language, according to the Modern Language Association.* We hope to increase the percentage of second language speakers by partnering with various schools in New York City to provide language courses for their students.

1 – Independent Studies

This is a common occurrence at schools in New York City, students are really enjoying their level of classes and would like to move up to the next level, but unfortunately, not enough students are available to take the class. What can parents do to provide them with opportunities to further the language skills in the language of their choice?

An independent study is a great opportunity for students to take classes with a teacher who has extensive experience teaching their native languages to young students.  The curriculum is designed to mimic a typical foreign language class at the school, from the syllabus and grading policy to the rigor and hour requirements of a regular classroom. Independent studies are conducted on a 1 on 1 basis (although group studies are also available for multiple students).

Independent studies are also the perfect way to provide your students an opportunity to learn a language that they otherwise might not have available at your school. Many students these days are exposed to a variety of cultures online, through media and through friends and family. The only way to really make sure students will follow through and become fluent in foreign languages is to provide them language instruction in the culture they’re most interested in.

teacherinfrontofclass-358x238-150x1502 – Language Classes for Your School

Starting a new language in a school can be a daunting proposition. Let Hills Learning help develop and run a new foreign language program for your school. We will work with the administration of the school to help provide the right teacher, curriculum, and standards that are necessary.

Working with a language school does offer advantages to having a regular full-time teacher on staff. When you hire us we include hours only for teaching, preparation, and any office / meeting hours required. All our teachers are also employees of New York State meaning we will cover any applicable employment taxes necessary.

Furthermore, it takes months to get and recruit the right teacher for your organization. Since we’ve been teaching language for years, we’re used to recruiting from and working with the communities that speak these languages. We also provide substitutes at a moment’s notice in case any teacher calls out sick.

3 – Tutoring

Sometimes when learning foreign languages it is difficult for students to develop the speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills required for the classroom. Often some students fall behind other students and therefore do not develop the right pronunciation and comprehension of the language.

Our instructors are available to teach private lessons at any location in New York City, either on the school’s campus, a public space, or at the student’s residence with a guardian present. We can also offer language tutoring at our center near Grand Central.

4 – Our own classes at Hills Learning

Please visit our various class pages to learn more about the current group classes we’re offering for young students. For high school classes, we offer special intensive courses over the summer, along with regular after school courses during the school year.

5 – Your own idea! Many schools have come to us with requests on specific programs or ideas they have to instruct their student body on foreign language. We would like to hear from you and can customize a program to fit your needs, requirements and students.

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