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Thank you for coming to our website and expressing an interest in our Spanish program. We have multiple offerings for individuals and organizations to learn Spanish.

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Private Classes for Adults

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Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world today. It is an official language in 21 countries. Would you like to learn Spanish at your own pace?

Spanish lessons are designed for individuals with specific learning needs, in which you can decide exactly what you want to learn in the time frame you prefer. Hills Learning’s curriculum for Spanish comprises both language and cultural instruction. For each class, we follow our SWIRL methodology, developing at least three of the five language skills per class. Our main goal for Spanish private lessons is to develop conversational skills, but we also specialize in test prep (DELE and others) or business.

Within this basic framework, Hills Learning’s staff develops curriculum and assessments based on student needs and goals.

Teacher Profiles

Our Spanish teachers are native speakers of the language and have many years teaching experience:


Ricardo is a passionate teacher who has many years experience teaching Spanish (and other subjects) under his belt. He has a masters degree in general and special bilingual education from Bank Street College, New York.

Ricardo believes in teaching his students in a full immersion learning environment; using multiple intelligences approaches: linguistic, visual, musical, auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic; and providing structured and playful opportunities for students to practice.


Our Spanish curriculum is designed to develop the speaking and listening components of the language. Our philosophy is target language only, meaning our students communicate in Spanish and practice using the language in the classroom.

Our main textbook series that we reference is the Step by Step series. The textbooks include audio cds for listening practice and drills. Hills Learning also adds to our Spanish curriculum authentic materials and other resources for students. We also have our own unique assessments that check in on student progress and help our students by providing individual feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

In general for Spanish classes we have about 24 levels leading up to the advanced levels in Spanish. These levels include:

BEGINNER 1, 2, 3





Each level corresponds with ACTFL guidelines on proficiency in Spanish. Please contact us for further questions.