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Thank you for coming to our website and expressing an interest in our Thai program. We offer group classes and private lessons for Thai for all ages.

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Private Classes for Adults

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Would you like to get the best out of your experience traveling to Thailand? How about you’ve lived in Thailand previously, and would like to keep up the language? Have you always wanted to learn Thai, and reading textbooks and using computer software hasn’t developed your conversational skills in Thai?

Hills Learning’s curriculum for Thai comprises both language and cultural instruction. For each class, we follow our SWIRL methodology, developing at least three of the five language skills per class. Our main goal for Thai private lessons is to develop conversational skills, but we also specialize in test prep, cultural etiquette, or just general language acquisition. And of course, we can meet student’s individual goals and requirements.

With this basic framework, each teacher creates and develops her own teaching materials based on student needs and goals. All teachers undergo a thorough review and testing process, and also must follow guidelines and best practices from Hills Learning when creating teaching materials for Thai class.

Private Classes for Kids

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Are you (or your young teen) interested in learning about the Thai language and culture? How about you have children that would like to learn Thai, either to develop skills to communicate with family or learn Thai to get credit at school?

Hills Learning offers a unique opportunity for teens and kids learning Thai in private lessons. We can not only teach them the basics of the thai script, reading, writing, and conversation, but it’s also possible that the classes your teen is taking with us can be transferred to their respective high school or college for credit. Please see “For Credit” for further information.

Teacher Profiles

Our Thai teachers are native speakers of the language and have years teaching experience:


thai teacher nycPrachak graduated with a masters degree from the New York Institute of Technology. He has taught a variety of students in both group and private settings, from complete beginners to conversational level Thai students.

“I like to teach, and I especially enjoy teaching the Thai language. I teach not only  language but also culture in my classes. Thailand has a very unique culture and I want to show the world through my teaching how wonderful Thailand is.”

jari picture smallerJARIYAPORN

Jari has a bachelors degree from Thailand and holds a certificate for teaching Thai to foreigners. She has multiple years teaching experience and also has studied foreign languages herself, such as French and Italian.

“As I am also a foreign language learner, I notice both good and bad things in teachers when I study new languages. I try to take the best techniques, materials, activities, tone, voice and even movements and adapt them in my Thai classes.”


Wipha has a bachelors degree from Thailand and holds multiple certificates, such as a mini masters and public speaking certificate. She has many years teaching experience, teaching a variety of topics and also has multiple professional experiences working in Thai schools and companies.

“Thai is my native language and I have confidence on teaching the correct way to speak. I know that many people want to go Thailand and it will be better when they go if they’ll be able to use key words and phrases to communicate with Thai people.”

Student Testimonials

At Hills Learning we offer classes for a variety of students that take Thai with us. Our students are usually serious about learning Thai, but also like to enjoy themselves in class and are usually interested in the culture as well as the language.

Please read more about what our students are saying:

LW – “I must say that the approach this school takes is very effective.  It’s just a very clean, straight up approach.  No “gimmicks.”  From the very beginning, they stress importance on learning to read and comprehend and don’t just teach conversational.  The class sizes are very small and our teacher was a native Thai, very patient and clearly loves to teach.”

FF – “The teacher emodied the warmth and kindness that I remember of the people of Thailand. Her teaching was both informative and well explained in addition to being attentive and concerned with our progress.  Emails were sent with links to videos on her culture and the music video with printed lyrics expanded our learning.”

VO – “My teacher was very patient with me, professional, and effective in having me develop some Thai language skills that I would like to build upon in the upcoming group class. ”


Our Thai curriculum is designed to develop the speaking and listening components of the language. Our philosophy is target language only, meaning our students communicate in Thai and practice using the language in the classroom.

Our main textbook series that we reference is the Thai for Beginner and Intermediate series. Hills Learning also adds to our Thai curriculum authentic materials and other resources for students. We also have our own unique assessments that check in on student progress and help our students by providing individual feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

Here is more detail about our 40 levels of Thai classes: – curriculum details