Welcome to Hills Learning’s language resource page! Please choose the below link for more information on the language of your choice:

Learn Japanese

Please visit our Japanese Language Resources page. Our page is equipped with language learning resources such as flash cards and also multiple articles grouped by topic. Tips include studying for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), how to learn basic hiragana, tips for Kanji study, and other articles about conversation and speaking Japanese.

Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese OnlineOur Chinese Language Resources page has information for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student of Chinese, along with flashcards. We offer website recommendations, information on the HSK test, resources for tones, pinyin, characters, etc through various articles. Please visit our page for help on learning this popular language.

Learn Korean

Learn Korean NYCOur Korean resources page has links to specific language resources on the web, as well as pages about learning the Korean language. Please click through to learn more about the Hangul alphabet, basics of Korean culture and why Korean is such an interesting country to study.