Cantonese Levels and Class Progression

There are 5 levels for learning Cantonese. Within each level, there are multiple classes. There are 24 classes total before reaching the advanced level.

BEGINNER LEVEL – DETAILS (6 classes total)

Beginner, 1, 2, 3

Advanced Beginner 1, 2, 3


Pre-Intermediate (1-6)


Intermediate (1-6)


Upper Intermediate (1-6)

ADVANCED LEVEL – DETAILS (multiple classes)




Classes – Beginner 1-3, Advanced Beginner 1-3

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum –
Cantonese for English Speakers 1+2,  A Shortcut to Cantonese

ACTFL Level – Novice Low to Novice High

Level Description –

This is an introductory course designed for students who have no or little Cantonese learning experience. In this course, the focus will be placed on the study of Cantonese Jyutping (romanization of Cantonese pronunciation), pronunciation of Cantonese, and basic sentence order of the language.

For advanced beginner courses, they are designed for students who have completed Beginner Cantonese 1 and Cantonese 2. Students who have Cantonese background or have studied Cantonese for at least 3 months may also fit in the class.In this class, students will continue to expand the pool of vocabulary, expressions, as well as Cantonese idioms, which enable learners to form sentences accurately and speak more fluently.


Classes – Pre-Intermediate Cantonese 1-6

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum –
Cantonese for English Speakers 2, Shortcut to Cantonese

ACTFL Level – Novice High to Intermediate Low

Level Description –

As a continuation of the Beginner Cantonese series, this course is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of Cantonese and Cantonese grammar and to expand their vocabulary through dialogues and short passages, in preparation for the Intermediate Level courses which would be article-based rather than dialogue-based. Students will learn more about Chinese customs and culture through comparisons with western or other cultures.


Sample Classes – Intermediate Cantonese (1-6), Conversation

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum – Various texts and materials

ACTFL Level – Intermediate Mid to High

Level Description –

The intermediate level is designed to encourage students to expand their speaking, reading, and listening skills. This level will cover more advanced grammatical structures for both speaking and also being able to read and communicate in the language, ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of the language.


Sample Classes – Upper Intermediate Cantonese (1-6), Conversation

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum – Various texts and materials

ACTFL Level – Intermediate High to Advanced High

Level Description –

Upper Intermediate Cantonese is a series of classes designed specifically for all students who have an understanding of the intermediate levels of grammar and vocabulary, looking to improve their skills to communicate more of complex topics. This course is to encourage students to deeply understand the Cantonese language around them, where they should know at least 1,200 characters by the end of classes.


Sample Classes – Advanced Cantonese, Conversation

Total Hours – Multiple Hours

Curriculum – Various texts and materials

ACTFL Level – Advanced to Distinguished

Level Description –

The Advanced series is designed for students that can function in Cantonese but would like to develop their skills in specialized situations. In everyday life this includes understanding news broadcasts and newspapers, television shows about specific topics, and speeches. In the workplace this includes understanding meetings, conferences and special announcements. Classes are designed for students that have an understanding of the Cantonese language and want to continue to improve their reading, listening, and most importantly, seeking new abilities in the language.