Japanese Levels and Class Progression

There are 5 levels for learning Japanese. Within each level, there are multiple classes. There are 24 classes total before reaching the advanced level.

Here are the levels of classes and names of the classes that are held in each level:

BEGINNER LEVEL – DETAILS (6 classes total)

Beginner, 1, 2, 3

Advanced Beginner 1, 2, 3


Pre-Intermediate (1-6)


Intermediate (1-6)


Upper-Intermediate (1-6)

ADVANCED LEVEL – DETAILS (multiple classes)



Classes – Beginner 1-3, Advanced Beginner 1-3

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum – Genki I

JLPT Level – Studying toward N5

ACTFL Level – Novice Low to Novice High

Level Description –

In the beginner Japanese classes, students will Learn the basics of Japanese, including greetings and basic conversational skills that will allow one to to order food, shop, make plans, and travel to Japan. Our course is designed for students with little to no experience who are eager to learn basic Japanese phrases and develop a strong familiarity with the Hiragana  and the Katakana alphabets. Vocabulary for time, directions, family, as well as reviews of basic introductory phrases will all be covered. Regular homework will also be given. This level utilizes Genki I chapters 1-6.

In Advanced Beginner Japanese, students will develop everyday life skills in Japanese. This course is designed to encourage students to use more Japanese in the classroom, and to help them move beyond being just a “beginner” of the language. Students will learn to invite people out and talk at the restaurant in Japanese, as well as focus more on past and present tense conjugations, vocabulary, and verb forms. This level utilizes Genki I chapters 7-12.



Classes – Pre-Intermediate Japanese 1-6, N4 Japanese

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum – Genki II

JLPT Level – Studying toward N4

ACTFL Level – Novice High to Intermediate Low

Level Description –

The Pre-Intermediate level focuses on improving speaking abilities in Japanese, such as applications of using the short form to speak more efficiently, and ways to avoid repetition in the language. Furthermore, it is designed to facilitate students to use more Japanese in the classroom and prepare them for our Intermediate level classes. Various expressions with Japanese verbs and adjectives will be taught, such as the potential form, and the kamoshirenai form. By the end of this course students should be ready to take the JLPT N4 Level.



Sample Classes – Intermediate Japanese 1-6, N3 Japanese

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum – Various texts

JLPT Level – Studying toward N3

ACTFL Level – Intermediate Mid to High

Level Description –

The intermediate level is designed to encourage students to speak and use more Japanese in everyday life and the workplace. Intermediate classes are structured so eventually students will eventually reach the N3 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT. Reading skills will also be taught, such as understanding everyday communications on email or bulletins but also summarizing complicated passages. By the end of these intermediate classes, students should know approximately 600 Kanji.



Sample Classes – Upper Intermediate 1-6, Conversation, Advanced N2 + N1,

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum – Various texts

JLPT Level – Studying toward N2

ACTFL Level – Intermediate High to Advanced High

Level Description –

Upper Intermediate Japanese is a series of classes designed to encourage students to more deeply understand the Japanese around them, including dramas, TV programs, and debates about issues. In other words, students already know all basic grammar and vocabulary and have confidence in functioning in day to day situations, but they’d prefer to use their Japanese on a deeper level. This level will prepare students for both the N2 JLPT exams. The Upper-Intermediate level also utilizes various texts. Students will know approximately 800-1000 Kanji by the end of this level.



Sample Classes – Advanced Japanese, Current Events, Business, Novels and Films, Readings, Advanced N1 + N2

Total Hours – Multiple hours

Curriculum – Various texts

JLPT Level – Studying toward N1 and beyond

ACTFL Level – Advanced to Distinguished

Level Description –

The Advanced class series is designed for students that can function in Japanese but would like to develop their skills in specialized situations. In everyday life this includes understanding news broadcasts and newspapers, television shows about specific topics, and speeches. In the workplace this includes understanding meetings, conferences and special announcements. Keigo and humble expressions in Japanese will also be emphasized in this class. This level will prepare students for the N1 JLPT exam. Furthermore, students will utilize various texts and have an amassed knowledge of around 1200 Kanji.