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At Hills Learning, we’re happiest when we have students continue with us and show significant progress in their language skills. We appreciate the relationships we build with students and we feel it’s very effective for students to learn language in bundles of classes.

Our bundle plans have been setup to accommodate multiple classes together, with the best benefits for a 4 class bundle. We’ve set this up to go along with our class levels (in general each level has 4 classes):

Beginner 1, 2, 3

Adv Beginner 1, 2, 3

Pre-Intermediate (1-6) +

Intermediate (1-16) +

Upper Intermediate (1-12) +

Advanced, multiple

* Please note, you are not limited to take classes only within your current level. So for example you can take 2 classes in beginner, 2 classes in pre-intermediate, etc.

— Class Bundle Pricing

2 class bundle – $758 $670

3 class bundle – $1137  $950

4 class bundle – $1516 $1250

Conditions – Please note that when purchasing these classes, all classes will be assumed to be taken in a row. So once your semester ends and the next semester begins, you will be automatically placed into the next semester, with same instructor and same time frame for the classes.