Family / Friend Discount

Hills Learning offers a refer a family / friend discount for all our group classes. To encourage a more interactive and lively classroom atmosphere, we would like our students to refer people they know to our classes. Please keep in mind this referral discount is for new students being brought to the class.

What kind of classes is this discount applicable for?

Group classes only, private lessons are not applicable.

When do I get the discount? Is there a limit on how long the discount is for?

You’ll get the discount in the next semester of class. So for example, if you signup to a beginner class with a family / friend, then you and your family member or friend will both qualify for a discount of $25 each when you signup for the next level of beginner class.

Please note, this discount only lasts until your next semester. If you don’t signup for the next semester, you forfeit the discount.

How much is the discount and what do I do when I signup to redeem it?

The discount is $50 off, $25 per person. It only becomes active once yourself and the person who you know have both signed up and paid for the class. When you sign up for any group class, please put “referred by” and put their first name, last name, and email in the comments section.