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Group Classes

Our group class schedules are situated around “Semesters”. Semesters are time periods generally defined by classes of 8 weeks on weekdays, and 6 weeks on weekends. All our semesters are named after months, so “November” means classes that generally start in the month of November (sometimes semesters start or end a little early).

Group classes give students the unique opportunity to develop their language skills with other classmates. Through interaction with an instructor and understanding of your classmates around you, you develop partners in your quest to develop communication skills in the target language. Group classes also allow for activities that enable you to practice speaking with classmates from a variety of backgrounds and conversational abilities.

Our curriculum for group classes gives students an opportunity to learn with us long term. With over 24 levels of classes (1 level lasts 2 to 3 months), students can potentially learn with us for 6 years or more in their quest to becoming an advanced speaker of the language. Once students reach the advanced levels, we also have ongoing classes that engage real world media and resources in the classroom.

Private Lessons

Individual lessons are the opportunity for you to develop your language skills at your own pace. Group classes are sometimes too slow or fast, and in individual lessons a professional instructor will adjust to your pace and review with you where appropriate to develop your communication skills. In this way even though materials are taught, if something is forgotten by you it is easy to go back and review in the individual lessons with your instructor.

Even though we call these “individual lessons”, please note that individual lessons can also be taught to two people, or even three people at once. We call these semi-individual or semi-private classes. So if you have friends that would like to take classes with you and you’re all about at the same level and are looking for the same pace in learning, individual lessons might be the right choice for you.

Individual lessons are also taught under your own schedule. Please note that our group classes are typically held 1x a week, where as individual lessons can be held 1x, 2x, or even 5x to 7x a week. So your individual lessons can be as intensive as you’d like them to be. We’ve seen students bypass group class curriculum (8 weeks of group classes) in under 1 week by taking intensive individual lessons.

The other advantage to individual lessons is the curriculum can also be tailored to your specific goals, background and needs. If you have goals beyond just general language acquisition, such as business or workplace proficiency, test prep, more focus on reading instead of speaking, or other goals than individual lessons would give you the opportunity to have a catered curriculum to match those goals.

Individual lessons are also available to students of all levels. Regardless of your language background, we can accommodate you in the individual lessons. So for example, if you spoke the language growing up with your family but you cannot read, individual lessons might be the best fit for you. If your level of proficiency is beyond (or below) what is being offered in group courses then individual lessons could also be appropriate.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are designed for students that cannot make it to our center near Grand Central in New York on a regular basis. Your lessons will happen through the computer, where we’ll connect with you via skype and one of our instructors will teach you as if you were here at our center. You’re still able to communicate orally and write / text to your instructor during the classes. All we ask is students have a reliable internet connection and a skype account.

Join a group class virtually

One of our most popular features for online is the option for any of our students to enroll in a regular group class through online. You don’t live in the New York Area and cannot physically be present in our classes? No problem, you can still take any of our classes like if you were physically present here.

For virtual students we setup a specific computer in the classroom. The computer has an HD camera attached to it that has a view of the whiteboard, instructor, and also any classmates that you’ll be doing activities with. We try our best to simulate the environment of

Please note this option is subject to availability per language, please contact us for further information.

Online individual lessons

If you’re looking for individual 1 on 1 lessons and cannot commute to the New York / Grand Central area, we can offer our individual lessons in an online format. For textbooks we will get these shipped to you when you order them through us, and for assessments / homework assignments we scan and send these to you via email. For other information on our individual lessons please see individual lessons.

Classes for Business

Hills Learning offers classes for businesses and their employees. We have a wide variety of existing programs that can meet company needs, and can tailor our curriculum to meet any specific language or cultural competency goals that your company may have.

Hills Learning is a fully accredited institution, which speaks to the quality of our programs but also makes it easier for HR departments to approve funding for our classes. We have our own assessment system which checks student levels and enables us to report the data that companies need to make sure their employees are progressing in their classes.

Here are some of the programs that we offer for business classes:

  1. Cultural Training Workshops
  2. Relocation Programs
  3. Intensive Language Training
  4. Group classes for business onsite

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to get reimbursement from my company for lessons?

Yes, Hills Learning is the only learning center that is accredited in NYC, and most HR personnel and company managers understand the quality that accreditation recognizes.

Do you have classes for heritage speakers too?

Yes, we actually have programs that specialize in classes for heritage or american born speakers. We recognize the difficulties that students have growing up and only learning certain aspects of the language, and can help to develop business proficiency in later years.

If I’m looking to take classes for business purposes, can I just sign up to your regular group classes?

Yes, but please keep in mind our curriculum for regular enrichment courses will develop skills for a variety of situations. Classes for business are designed to develop proficiency in the office environment.

Language Classes for Credit

As an accredited institution Hills Learning offers the opportunity for our students to take classes for credit. Students currently enrolled in a degree program at another institution, for example a high school or college, can fulfill their language requirements for the degree by taking classes at Hills Learning.

Taking classes for credit is a great opportunity to add a language class to a program that currently doesn’t offer it. It’s also a great chance for students that want to continue their studies in a language, but the school that they’re currently enrolled in doesn’t offer the level they are looking for.

There have been multiple highschools and colleges that have accepted our classes for credit in the past. Setting up classes for credit involves the school administration, the student and / or parents, and of course a representative from Hills Learning.

Please contact us for further information on setting up classes for credit, use the form on the right.

Languages Available:

  1. Japanese
  2. Korean
  3. Mandarin (Chinese)
  4. Thai
  5. Cantonese
  6. Arabic
  7. Spanish

Classes for Kids

Hills Learning actually has classes for all ages for our languages. We have taught students from 3 months old to 13 years old. Mainly what we have for kids is the opportunity to take classes either in private lessons, or small semi-private lessons. The location for lessons can be at our center or sometimes in students homes.

Our curriculum for kids in private lessons can be custom tailored to specific needs in the lessons. Classes are a mix of language instruction combined with fun activities, games, and songs. Basic vocabulary and grammar, along with basic alphabets are taught to children of all ages. While it is important for the students to learn in our lessons, it is equally important to us that the lessons are enjoyable and that the kids want to learn more about the target language and culture.

Private lessons follow our SWIRL method of combining all five language skills (Speaking, Writing, Intonation, Reading and Listening). Lessons are usually held at the student’s residence or at our center. We’ve taught kids from 6 months to 17 years old, so it’s never too late to start looking into Korean language instruction for your child.

Private Lesson Testimonials