Classes for Business

Hills Learning offers classes for businesses and their employees. We have a wide variety of existing programs that can meet company needs, and can tailor our curriculum to meet any specific language or cultural competency goals that your company may have.

Hills Learning is a fully accredited institution, which speaks to the quality of our programs but also makes it easier for HR departments to approve funding for our classes. We have our own assessment system which checks student levels and enables us to report the data that companies need to make sure their employees are progressing in their classes.

Here are some of the programs that we offer for business classes:

  1. Cultural Training Workshops
  2. Relocation Programs
  3. Intensive Language Training
  4. Group classes for business onsite

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to get reimbursement from my company for lessons?

Yes, Hills Learning is the only learning center that is accredited in NYC, and most HR personnel and company managers understand the quality that accreditation recognizes.

Do you have classes for heritage speakers too?

Yes, we actually have programs that specialize in classes for heritage or american born speakers. We recognize the difficulties that students have growing up and only learning certain aspects of the language, and can help to develop business proficiency in later years.

If I’m looking to take classes for business purposes, can I just sign up to your regular group classes?

Yes, but please keep in mind our curriculum for regular enrichment courses will develop skills for a variety of situations. Classes for business are designed to develop proficiency in the office environment.

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Business Lesson Testimonials

  • This is my first experience in attempting to learn Chinese. I have been quite surprised by how much progress I have made and look forward to learning more. The lessons are challenging and surprisingly fun. My instructor is very pleasant and a skilled teacher. She has adapted the lessons to ensure I see more progress in my desired areas.

    Herston P

    Chinese Private
  • The lessons are going very well and I'm pleased with the sensei's style and work ethic!

    Joseph R

    Japanese Private Office
  • Thanks so much, the teacher has been wonderful and really dedicated to her craft. If you need a recommendation, I'd be happy to give an enthusiastic one.

    Bryan W

    Korean Private
  • I am looking forward to (finally) learning Japanese with Hills Learning.

    Juergen H

    Japanese Private