Corporate Language Training NYC

Corporate Programs

Thank you for considering Hills Learning to provide quality language and cultural instruction to your employees. We have a wide variety of existing programs that can meet your needs, and can tailor our curriculum to meet any specific language goals that you may have. Chinese Classes NYC

In a globalizing world companies are finding that by offering language and cultural programs to their employees it increases their bottom line. Whether they're opening a new branch in a foreign country, looking to expand their sales with a specific ethnic group, or just hoping to gain an edge in their current market, cost-effective and quality language instruction helps companies understand their target markets and business partners better.

Global Businesses have multiple needs for language and cultural instruction. Hills Learning has  programs that address those needs:

Corporate Language Training and Cultural Programs

Languages Available  → Chinese (Mandarin / Cantonese)     Japanese       Korean       Thai       Arabic      Spanish

We offer private lessons, group classes and intensive courses. Classes can be tailored to fit specific industry requirements.

Relocation Programs

Chinese (Mandarin / Cantonese)     Japanese       Korean       Thai       Arabic      Spanish

For employees relocating to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Arabic or Spanish speaking countries, we offer linguistic instruction as well as training for culture shock and living abroad.

We have an expat program that covers everyday conversational fluency, as well as email and business writing skills.

All programs come with service you'd expect from a top quality language service:

- Trial Lesson and Language Assessment / ConsultationCorporate Language Training

- Periodic Feedback Forms to check progress

- Language resources to develop all five language skills following our SWIRL Methodology

- Tailor made curriculum with proven results and periodic assessment

- Top quality language instructors