English Classes in New York City - Suspended

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are no longer offering English classes. 

Thank you for choosing Hills Learning and your interest in developing your English language abilities. We offer English lessons for students who have companies sponsoring their lessons only.

All teachers at Hills Learning have years experience teaching and have been trained according to our SWIRL method.  Please take a look below for further information or signup for a free trial lesson and consultation.

Group Courses for English 

Please click below for more information on our English classes. Please note, we only offer group classes onsite for companies who sponsor English language training.

Business Communications Course - please click here for more information

English Conversation Course - please click here for more information

English Courses Online - please click here for information on our online listings

Private Lessons in English

English is a useful language, one that is becoming more and more important to learn in today's globalizing world. Developing your conversational skills and ability to use English in your daily job are key goals that only effective and affordable private lessons can obtain. Each English class is customized to balance student strengths and weaknesses, language goals, and personal or professional aspirations.

Hills Learning offers English private lessons for all skill levels, and all ages. Our SWIRL curriculum focuses on developing at least three of the five language skills per class. Our main goal for English private lessons is to develop conversational skills, but we also specialize in test prep, business etiquette, writing skills, interview techniques, or just general language acquisition. And of course, we can meet student’s individual goals and requirements.

With this basic framework, each teacher creates and develops his or her own teaching materials based on student needs and goals. All teachers undergo a thorough review and testing process, and also must follow guidelines, curriculums and best practices from Hills Learning when creating teaching materials.

Language Resources for English

Would you like to learn how to write emails? How about the correct business etiquette? Please visit business english class nyc for appropriate ways of writing English emails in New York.

Have you been frustrated by trying to learn English? Here are five quick ways to learn English Fast in New York City as recommended by one of our teachers: learn english nyc.

Would you like to learn business vocabulary? Hills Learning offers word of the day posts learn english new york for business vocabulary and various phrases.