For Credit

Language Classes for Credit

As an accredited institution Hills Learning offers the opportunity for our students to take classes for credit. Students currently enrolled in a degree program at another institution, for example a high school or college, can fulfill their language requirements for the degree by taking classes at Hills Learning.

Taking classes for credit is a great opportunity to add a language class to a program that currently doesn’t offer it. It’s also a great chance for students that want to continue their studies in a language, but the school that they’re currently enrolled in doesn’t offer the level they are looking for.

There have been multiple highschools and colleges that have accepted our classes for credit in the past. Setting up classes for credit involves the school administration, the student and / or parents, and of course a representative from Hills Learning.

Please contact us for further information on setting up classes for credit, use the form on the right.

Languages Available:

  1. Japanese
  2. Korean
  3. Mandarin (Chinese)
  4. Thai
  5. Cantonese
  6. Arabic
  7. Vietnamese
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For Credit Lesson Testimonials

  • Thank you - we really are enjoying your wonderful program and we are so glad that my daughter's school referred us to you.

    Lorelle F

    Korean Private
  • My son is working hard in Chinese. I think his speaking has improved and he loves being able to converse now with his father who speaks Mandarin. The Chinese teacher is wonderful and he wants to continue Chinese next year.

    Caroline D

    Chinese Private
  • I want to say thank you for the past wonderful months at your school. The teacher's teaching style helped me regain my knowledge of Mandarin and also allowed me to increase my vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, and cultural knowledge exponentially. I appreciate Hills Learning writing the letter to my university to confirm that I have a proficiency level of Intermediate High on the ACTFL scale. I am attending law school in the fall and want my graduation completed by my university as soon as possible.

    Melissa O

    Chinese Group
  • So far so good from our end. My daughter likes working with the Chinese instructor quite a bit. Thanks so much for everything!

    Theresa K

    Chinese Private