Thank you for your interest in Hills Learning and we appreciate your consideration for adding a foreign language to your son or daughter's home school curriculum.

There are a variety of ways we can assist with offering a foreign language for homeschoolers:

1 - Private Classes

Is your son or daughter interested in learning a foreign language? What about having the curriculum count for credit towards his or her education? Hills Learning has multiple teachers with the experience of teaching teenage children and the ability to develop a grading rubric that matches your needs and requirements. We are also a fully accredited institution.

Our private lessons can be setup at you and your family's convenient time and location. We have facilities at our Grand Central location, or depending on the location our teachers are also available to come to your home to teach lessons.

We're also familiar with the levels and requirements for the standardized tests, the SAT, AP, REGENTS, and other exams for our foreign languages.

2 - Joining Our Teens Program

In case your child is interested in joining a group class at Hills Learning they can definitely go ahead and join either our regular evening / daytime adult classes or our teens program during the after school hours (420 to 550pm on weekdays or Saturdays).

Joining a group class is a great opportunity to meet other students who are similiarly interested in learning about the Asian languages and cultures. Students can learn quite a bit from the peers, both knowledge-wise but also they're a great support group for learning Asian languages. Most successful teen classes at Hills Learning have students becoming good friends and keeping in touch beyond just their regular classroom hours.

3 - Classes for Homeschoolers Only

Would you prefer to have your child learning only with other homeschoolers? Maybe he or she is only available during hours that aren't the typical hours offered by our regular teens program? It only takes 3 students to start a group class, so if you know two other students it's definitely possible for us to offer a group class. Even if you don't, please feel free to contact us and suggest a time that would work best for your son or daughter. We'll be sure to reach out to our network of students and parents about the suggested time frame.