Group Classes

Our group class schedules are situated around "Semesters”. Semesters are time periods generally defined by classes of 8 weeks (intensive summer programs are 2 weeks only). All our semesters are named after months, so “November” means classes that generally start in the month of November (sometimes semesters start or end a little early).

Group classes give students the unique opportunity to develop their language skills with other classmates. Through interaction with an instructor and understanding of your classmates around you, you develop partners in your quest to develop communication skills in the target language. Group classes also allow for activities that enable you to practice speaking with classmates from a variety of backgrounds and conversational abilities.

Our curriculum for group classes gives students an opportunity to learn with us long term. With over 40 levels of classes (1 level lasts 2 to 3 months), students can potentially learn with us for 6 years or more in their quest to becoming an advanced speaker of the language. Once students reach the advanced levels, we also have ongoing classes that engage real world media and resources in the classroom.

Group Class Testimonials

  • I really enjoy the small classes! The one on one attention is great because we get to ask a lot of questions and get feedback right away. I also like the extra material we get to practice with.

    Kiy H

    Korean Group
  • The teacher was great! I've studied many languages in many different formats and I really think that this was the quickest I've picked up an understanding of the language. If we weren't pronouncing something correctly, she would have us repeat it until it was correct and was very patient in doing so. She was also able to explain why we were having problems pronouncing such as where our tongue and teeth were placed.

    April S

    Chinese Group
  • I'm extremely satisfied with the pace and the class size. Keeping it a small class allows for more personal attention in the learning process. Having someone on generally the same skill level helps bring up confidence when learning with others. I feel that the topics covered in the lessons are quite invaluable as they do have relevance in how I would use Cantonese.

    Russel M

    Cantonese Group
  • I must say that the approach this school takes is very effective. It's just a very clean, straight up approach. No gimmicks. From the very beginning, they stress importance on learning to read and comprehend and don't just teach conversational. The class sizes are very small and our teacher was a native Thai, very patient and clearly loves to teach.


    Thai Group
  • The instructors are very good. They dont just teach in the classroom, they teach you how to teach yourself. Ive studied Japanese at different language schools in New York, university courses, as well as private lessons and by far this school is absolutely the best. The best not only for the level of instruction and student:teacher ratio but also because the school actually truthfully listens to what yout language learning goals are as well as properly assess your current language abilities to point you in the correct direction to help you achieve your language learning goals.

    Isaiah R

    Japanese Group