Private Lessons

Individual lessons are the opportunity for you to develop your language skills at your own pace. Group classes are sometimes too slow or fast, and in individual lessons a professional instructor will adjust to your pace and review with you where appropriate to develop your communication skills. In this way even though materials are taught, if something is forgotten by you it is easy to go back and review in the individual lessons with your instructor.

Even though we call these “individual lessons”, please note that individual lessons can also be taught to two people, or even three people at once. We call these semi-individual or semi-private classes. So if you have friends that would like to take classes with you and you’re all about at the same level and are looking for the same pace in learning, individual lessons might be the right choice for you.

Individual lessons are also taught under your own schedule. Please note that our group classes are typically held 1x a week, where as individual lessons can be held 1x, 2x, or even 5x to 7x a week. So your individual lessons can be as intensive as you’d like them to be. We’ve seen students bypass group class curriculum (8 weeks of group classes) in under 1 week by taking intensive individual lessons.

The other advantage to individual lessons is the curriculum can also be tailored to your specific goals, background and needs. If you have goals beyond just general language acquisition, such as business or workplace proficiency, test prep, more focus on reading instead of speaking, or other goals than individual lessons would give you the opportunity to have a catered curriculum to match those goals.

Individual lessons are also available to students of all levels. Regardless of your language background, we can accommodate you in the individual lessons. So for example, if you spoke the language growing up with your family but you cannot read, individual lessons might be the best fit for you. If your level of proficiency is beyond (or below) what is being offered in group courses then individual lessons could also be appropriate.

Private Lesson Testimonials

  • My language learning experience was very satisfying and only made me want to keep on learning the Korean language. The classes were intense and challenging in a good way. The relationship with the teacher made the work easier and comfortable. My teacher was really professional yet very nice and caring to see if I understood everything. I am very pleased.

    Oriana H

    Korean Private
  • The teachers’s been a great help with my prep for JLPT 1 and she makes the effort to go beyond textbook material by organizing discussions of current events and modern Japanese culture. I’m going into the exam fully prepared and expecting to do well.

    Chunming L

    Japanese Private
  • After college, I needed a way to continue my Japanese language study. I am very lucky I found Hills Learning. With Hills Learning you get a very personalized experience. You tell them your goals and what you want to learn and the teachers customize the lessons to fit your needs. The price of the lessons are half of what most tutoring companies are asking. In addition to great Japanese instruction, the staff goes out of their way to help you with with other things you may need relating to Japan. My tutor, as well as the director, has helped me research jobs in Japan, and write my resume in Japanese. This has been extremely helpful to me in my job search and I am very grateful to them. For anyone looking for an extremely personal, high quality, and inexpensive language learning experience, I definitely recommend Hills Learning.

    Max L

    Japanese Private
  • Teacher is a good fit for me and creates interesting lesson plans to keep me engaged.

    Rishi K

    Chinese Private