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Spanish Language Classes

Hills learning has Spanish language lessons. We are fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Hills Learning has its own curriculum that our students go through to develop their Spanish language skills. Our curriculum is reviewed yearly, and updated based on teacher and student preferences, and current best teaching practices. We spend lots of time and energy recruiting some of the best native speaking teachers for the languages we offer.

Class Types

Hills Learning offers lesson types to meet every need. Our client list includes fortune 500 companies,
 schools (private and universities), and various happy individuals.

Language learning

for everyone

  • For Credit
  • For Business
  • For Kids

Spanish Online Lessons give you the opportunity to learn Spanish with us even if you cannot commute to our center in New York City. Students can attend Spanish classes through the comfort of their own home using a handheld device or a desktop / laptop computer. We have options for students to take Spanish with us either in a private lesson format or a group lesson format.

For private lessons for online students, we arrange a schedule like we would with regular Spanish private lessons, matching the student availability with the teacher's. We usually skype or zoom for online Spanish lessons but there are other programs that we are also open to using.

There is also an option for taking Spanish group classes online. During COVID-19, all of our group classes are being offered online. Once we start offering face to face NYC classes again, there still will be options to take group classes with us online. Please either visit the online page for Spanish classes online to see more details or contact us for any further information.

Hills Learning is next to multiple businesses that are headquartered near Grand Central Station in New York. We've worked with multiple companies to offer language lessons for corporate employees. Since we are a fully accredited institution, it is usually easier for prospective students to get reimbursement for their classes through us.

For classes for business at Hills Learning you can choose to take classes here through our regular group class offerings, or sign up to private Spanish lessons where we can tailor the curriculum to fit yours and your company's needs. We can teach Spanish and formal business Spanish, or just go through regular language acquisition for clients.

There is a possibility for classes for business purposes to come and teach at your office. We also have classrooms available at our Grand Central location (usually business hours 9 to 5 are open, after hours you'd need to contact us).

Please contact us for more information on our business programs. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your business needs.

Hills Learning offers Spanish classes for kids. Our regular programs on our website are for adult students (except where noted) so if you're interested in classes for your kids to learn Spanish we usually teach kids in a private or a semi-private setting.

Our lessons for Spanish for kids teach with a specific curriculum that is fun and engaging. We usually teach with videos, songs and interactive activities for the students to learn Spanish.

Please contact us for further information on our Spanish classes for kids.