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Thank you for your interest in learning Japanese and visiting our resources page. Please click the links below for some resources that will help you learn the Japanese language.

Introduction to Learning Japanese

So you've decided to take on a new language, eh? That's so difficult and different according to your peers? You might be asking yourself, why Japanese?

Japanese isn't for everyone, but there's plenty of reasons why Japanese IS a satisfying, fulfilling, and interesting language to learn.

- Maybe your French and Spanish lessons didn't pan out like they were supposed to? Japanese is actually such a unique, challenging language, that it might inspire you to learn. Seriously! Just imagine if you could write this!

私は日本人じゃあないですけど何となく日本語を学びますよ! (I'm not Japanese, but somehow I learn Japanese!)

- Japanese will give you a niche in life. Searching for a job, a past time, a way to meet people, etc. How many people know Spanish, or English for that matter? When you know Japanese, people remember you.

- Japan has the third strongest economy in the world, with business opportunities that are limitless. Just try to find a company that's gone international that hasn't thought of going to Japan.

- Lastly and most importantly, the Japanese people and Japan itself are unique in the world. Only visiting will you realize how polite, safe, and beautiful a country Japan actually is.

Articles for Language Learning

We've split up our language articles into 5 groups: 1 - Alphabets 2 -  Basics 3 - Conversation 4 - Grammar 5 - JLPT Alphabets -

  • Learning Kanji – Simple Strategies and Your First Two Kanji
  • Learning Kanji – Beginner Concepts and Simple Strategies
  • Learning Katakana – Interesting Tips and Tricks
  • Writing Japanese – The Secrets of Hiragana

Basics –

  • Written Japanese – The Lowdown on the 3 Alphabets
  • How to say “Do you understand English?” in Japanese and Basic Travel Language
  • Vocabulary for Traveling to Japan and The Golden Word “Sumimasen”
  • Learn Hiragana while Practicing Japanese Conversation

Conversation –

  • Learning Japanese Conversation, as Familiar as Sony
  • New Ways of Speaking Japanese
  • The Art of Speaking Japanese – “Chunking”
  • The Art of Speaking Japanese – “Chunking” Level 2
  • Having a Chat with Japanese Taxi Drivers
  • Travel Japanese – Taking a Taxi in Japan
  • Speaking Japanese: Talking like a Pro in Restaurants
  • Japanese Conversation: Perfecting Hotel Japanese
  • Japanese Conversation: Perfecting Hotel Japanese 2

Grammar (Particle Usage) –

  • Learning Japanese – The Wonderful World of Particles
  • Learning Japanese Particles – “Wo”
  • Learning Japanese Particles – “Ga”
  • Learning Japanese Particles – Explanation of “Wa”
  • Learning Japanese Particles – “Ni”
  • Learn Japanese Grammar- Nuances of the Particles に and で


  • Japanese Proficiency Test – What’s Changed and How to Handle It
  • JLPT 2010 – Preparation for the 1-kyu and beyond
  • The Japanese Proficiency Exam Structure and the Main Hurdle to Passing

External links and Resources

Jim Breen

Jim Breen's website is an excellent resource for learning the reading of kanji, and some definitions. However, the translations are usually done on a word by word basi s. If for example you'd like more of a sentence structure translation, try looking at ALC:


At this website you can generally enter a phrase, and then get sample phrases translated for you instead of individual words. This website is extremely useful for any types of translation, used by the Japanese themselves.