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Thank you for your interest in learning Korean and visiting our resources page. Please click the links below for some resources that will help you learn the Korean language.

Introduction to Learning Korean

Thank you for coming to our language resources page for the Korean language. Learning Korean has never been easier due to multiple internet language resources, as well as language schools such as Hills Learning that provide language teachers to develop conversational abilities. The question however is where to start learning Korean? What is the most efficient way of learning about the Korean language and culture?

Learning Korean, as with learning any Asian language, will take dedication and the ability to open your mind to a new way of thinking. Although it seems cheaper at first, it's not recommended to focus your efforts on learning Korean with just computer software. Even if someone thinks they've mastered the pronunciation of Hangul or how to speak in Korean, it always helps to have an eye opening conversation with a Korean native.

Although we recommend taking group classes and private lessons, we've also created a Korean language resources page for everyone looking to get a feel for the language. There's quite a few language resources on the web these days, but we've chosen to highlight a few worthy websites, and also create language resources of our own (please see the hyperlinks at the top of the page).

Articles for Language Learning

We’ve split up our language articles into 3 groups:

1 - Useful Phrases 2 - Grammar 3 - Holiday Info

Useful Phrases

External Sites for Learning Korean and Korean Cultural Sources

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