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Korean Classes NYC – 한국어

Private Classes for Adults

Would you like to get the best out of your experiences traveling to Korea? How about you’re interested in K-Pop or K-Dramas, and would like to understand them without subtitles? How about you’re a Korean heritage speaker, and would like to develop your skills professionally in the workplace?

Hills Learning’s curriculum for Korean comprises both language and cultural instruction. For each class, we follow our SWIRL methodology, developing at least three of the five language skills per class. Our main goal for Korean private lessons is to develop conversational skills, but we also specialize in test prep (TOPIK and others), cultural etiquette, business, or just general language acquisition.

Within this basic framework, Hills Learning’s staff develops curriculum and assessments based on student needs and goals. Private lessons are a unique opportunity for students to learn Korean at their own pace.

Private Classes for Teens and Kids (Tutoring)

Are you (or your young teen) interested in learning about the Korean language and culture? How about your teen watches hours of kdrama or loves kpop, and would like to learn the Korean language? Maybe your teen wants to eventually travel to Korea or study abroad?

Hills Learning offers a unique opportunity for teens learning Korean in private lessons. We can not only teach them the basics of the alphabet (Hangeul), reading, writing, and conversation, but it’s also possible that the classes your teen is taking with us can be transferred to their respective high school or college for credit. Please see for credit for further information.

For more general information on our Korean classes for kids, please CONTACT US

**COVID-19 Announcement - These classes are planned online until further notice**

# Students Per Class – Max 7, Minimum 3
Textbook – Please click on course for info

-Our usual schedule is 1.5 hours per week for 8 weeks (12 hours total)
-Interested in more than one semester? Please look at our class bundles
-Get a discount on your next semester if you refer a friend / family member

Other Lesson Types

  • Online
  • For Business
  • For Credit
  • Kids

Korean Online Lessons give you the opportunity to learn Korean with us even if you cannot commute to our center in New York City. Students can attend Korean classes through the comfort of their own home using a handheld device or a desktop / laptop computer. We have options for students to take Korean with us either in a private lesson format or a group lesson format. 

For private lessons for online students, we arrange a schedule like we would with regular Korean private lessons, matching the student availability with the teacher's. We usually skype or zoom for online Korean lessons but there are other programs that we are also open to using.

There is also an option for taking Korean group classes in NYC through online.  What will happen is, subject to availability, you might be able to take any one of our group classes listed under the group class section by joining remotely. We'll setup a computer with an HD camera that allows students to interact with their classmates and teacher, like they would in a regular face to face group class. We'll also administer assessments via online and send any relevant homework for the classes.  

Please CONTACT US  for more information on the online classes. 

Hills Learning is next to multiple businesses that are headquartered near Grand Central Station in New York. We've worked with multiple companies to offer language lessons for corporate employees. Since we are a fully accredited institution, it is usually easier for prospective students to get reimbursement for their classes through us.

For classes for business at Hills Learning you can choose to take classes here through our regular group class offerings, or sign up to private Korean lessons where we can tailor the curriculum to fit yours and your company's needs. We can teach Korean and formal Business Korean, or just go through regular language acquisition for clients. 

There is a possibility for classes for business purposes to come and teach at your office. We also have classrooms available at our Grand Central location (usually business hours 9 to 5 are open, after hours you'd need to contact us). 

Please CONTACT US  for more information on our business programs. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your business needs.

Hills Learning offers courses for credit for Korean. Since we're a fully accredited institution we have the ability to partner with either a college, university or high school to put together a program for transferring credit.

How the program works is you'd contact Hills Learning and ask about our programs for credit, mention that you're interested in learning Korean. We'd then need to speak to a school administrator from your host school to see what their requirements would be for credit transfer and then discuss how either taking a group and / or private class here would help fulfill those requirements.

Taking classes for credit at Hills Learning is a great way to take your language of choice and have it count for credit. Too often we see schools not offering the languages of students choice, such as Korean, and we also see that even if they offer those courses they don't have the specific level of the target student. 

Please CONTACT US  about the Korean classes for credit. 

Hills Learning offers Korean classes for kids. Our regular programs on our website are for adult students (except where noted) so if you're interested in classes for your kids to learn Korean we usually teach kids in a private or a semi-private setting.

All classes for Hills Learning students are generally recommended to take place at our center, however we do also have the opportunity to send teachers to student homes for teaching. We understand especially with younger kids it's sometimes difficult to commute to our center.

Our lessons for Korean for kids teach with a specific curriculum that is fun and engaging. We usually teach with videos, songs and interactive activities for the students to learn Korean. We do teach Hangul, but depending on your child's age, we might start out with vocabulary and grammar only. 

Please CONTACT US for further information on our Korean classes for kids. 

Level Info

Classes – Beginner 1-3, Advanced Beginner 1-3

Total Hours – 72

Curriculum –
Beginner - Active Korean 1

Adv Beginner - Active Korean 2

ACTFL Level – Novice Low to Novice High


Level Description –

The Beginner Class cover the basics of Koreans from greetings to basic conversational skills to being able to order food and shop. The course is developed for the beginners who are excited to learn basic Korean phrases while gaining a strong familiarity with the Korean alphabet, Hangul. Students will learn through little games, role plays, and presentations, and will learn to read and write Hangul.

The Advanced Beginners Class goes more in depth for Beginners in Korean. The class covers how to express time and making appointments, as well as location and directions. Our course is designed for the advanced beginner who’s eager to develop their language skills further by reading and writing, as well as conversing with others.

Student Testimonials

  • This has been an outstanding experience in every way. My teacher was terrific - charming, professional, intelligent, prepared, focused and ready to answer all questions (and we asked a lot of them in this class!) I never expected to be able to read in Korean - I was only looking for the speaking part, but I can read! Thanks so much!

    Joan S

    Korean Group
  • My teacher is a fantastic teacher. Very professional and just as enthusiastic teaching as I am learning. I would hope all Hills Learning teachers are just as good. I am very satisfied

    Todd F

    Korean Private
  • The teacher is awesome. She pushes us really hard, but I learned a ton. I feel like she sets the bar slightly above what I can do, which can be a little frustrating, but it makes me try really hard. Also, she's always available to answer any questions via email so I feel like I've got a constant resource.

    Stacy S

    Korean Group
  • Personally, languages come easier to me than other subjects (for example, science or history), but I can't believe how much I've already learned. I feel as if I know a bit less Korean than Japanese, but I've taken two years of Japanese in high school! I'll definitely be looking into taking more classes here.

    Reed H

    Korean Group
  • Excellent program at convenient location! I took Korean 1-3. The teacher was very enthusiastic, encouraging and attentive. The program director was extremely pleasant to deal with. All in all, a very pleasant learning experience. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

    Jackie C

    Korean Group
  • This is a great class. I really enjoyed the small class-setting which enables students to really interact with each other and become friends. The teacher is an enthusiastic teacher with a lot of patience.

    Lei L

    Korean Group
  • I was very scared to take the class at first, but now I really enjoy going. The students as well as my teacher are so nice and I never feel stupid for not knowing something. I also feel like the students in my class are the same level as me, which is very important to me. I'm looking forward to taking the advanced beginners class.

    Renae R

    Korean Group
  • I thought I had an excellent teacher! Her lessons were laid out perfectly and I am still amazed at what I learned given the hectic schedule I keep. My goal is to study over the summer and then take the next level of Korean study.

    Joseph T

    Korean Group
  • I had a great teacher. She pushed us to go faster and we learned a great deal in this beginner class. I thought the class had a good atmosphere and would recommend Hills Learning to others.

    Megan M

    Korean Group
  • I had a lot of fun with my teacher! I felt it was a great learning experience and the environment is great. I feel like I learned a lot. It was a great way to prepare me in what I should expect when I am learning korean. Hopefully I will be able to come learn Korean again.

    Chelsi A

    Korean Group
  • I really enjoyed this class. I feel as though I know a lot more Korean than when I started and while there were moments when it was challenging for me, I was grateful for the teacher's enthusiasm and supportive attitude.

    Amber H

    Korean Group
  • I had an exceptional teacher. She kept us at our growing edge and paced class at just the right speed. She integrated hands on activities that enhanced our learning. She was very patient and answered all of our questions. I would most definitely take another class with her.

    Jennifer L

    Korean Group
  • My teacher is a great teacher. She's very patient with her students and takes time to understand and help areas in need of improvement. You guys are doing a great job!

    Brandon S

    Korean Group
  • It's been a lot of fun. I'm really excited to learn and excited to go to class every week. The teacher is excellent, and the small class size is really nice. I will continue to take classes with Hills. I'm excited to continue learning Korean.

    Timothy J

    Korean Group
  • My teacher was a great teacher. She knows Korean well and the class was enjoyable. This was my first experience taking a foreign language outside of college and it was great.

    Sam Y

    Korean Group
  • I appreciated that there was focus on the details and that little mistakes weren't allowed to slide. It made me feel like I was progressing and actually getting things correct rather than just guessing and hoping. I also appreciated that I was able to move at a slower pace, or faster pace depending on my progress; point being that the lessons were designed for me and what I needed and wanted.

    Matthew M

    Korean Group
  • It has been great so far. My teacher is really good and very patient. Explains concepts clearly and is focused on development of each individual in class. Have had no issues so far and I plan to continue taking classes here as long as I live in New York.

    Divyang A

    Korean Group
  • My Korean language learning experience has been great. Our teacher is excellent -- patient, understanding, pleasant and engaging. She obviously loves what she does, which is reflected in her style and passion for teaching.

    James S

    Korean Group
  • The teacher speaks loud enough and clearly, explains things very well, goes at a good pace, expects solid application, but is tolerant of problems and mistakes. She is encouraging! The cultural notes (as handouts) are interesting, unlike most such pedagogical material.

    Hugo S

    Korean Group
  • This class has been very insightful and clear. The instructor is very open to questions and willing to provide examples to ensure the class understands the material.

    Arielle P

    Korean Group
  • I only took this class to "open the door" to the Korean language and culture. I had no idea I would be able to sound-out words and actually read in such a short time. The teacher is fantastic. She is so serious and clearly wants us to learn. She is thorough, charming, intelligent and focused. She stops the lesson every time someone has a question, which is wonderful. I love this class and have been telling everyone I know about it!

    Joan S

    Korean Group
  • I feel that I made a good decision to join this course. At first, I was l little apprehensive with what I was about to encounter because I did not have any knowledge of Korean. Now I feel more confident. I have to thank the teacher because she has been a great help.

    Ana G

    Korean Group
  • My teacher is great at introducing new material and ensuring that her students have a solid foundation before continuing with the presented unit. She is great at scaffolding the learning of material and ensures that we are successful by checking for understanding and constantly reviewing prior material. I am very pleased to have worked with her through Beginner 2 and look forward to many more sessions.

    Reanaa F

    Korean Group
  • I really like Hills Learning! I didn't come into contact with that many administrators, but my instructor was a phenomenal teacher and helped me a great deal with my specific learning objectives. The curriculum was challenging but a lot of fun, and I felt that I've grown a lot as a Korean speaker within the past few months.


    Korean Group