Chinese Classes for Kids NYC - Mandarin

Chinese Classes for Kids

Thank you for your interest in our Chinese classes for kids. Mandarin is one of the fastest growing languages in New York City and is quickly becoming one of the most important to learn. Hills Learning offers both private and group classes for kids to learn about this fascinating culture and language.


Hills Learning through years of teaching in some of the top schools in New York City has developed a program for teaching kids Mandarin. Classes are a mix of language instruction combined with fun activities, games, and songs. Basic vocabulary and grammar, along with the pinyin pronunciation system and simplified Chinese characters, are taught to children of all ages.

Private lessons follow our SWIRL method of combining all five language skills (Speaking, Writing, Intonation, Reading and Listening). Lessons are usually held at the student’s residence or at our center. We’ve taught kids from 6 months to 16 years old, so it’s never too late to start looking into Chinese language instruction for your child.

If you’re interested in private lessons please fill out our 5 minute application form for kids


Are you interested in having your child take Mandarin but would like to have a group setting for a class? How about you know a few parents in the area and would like to have a Chinese playgroup at your home?

Hills Learning not only provides regular private lessons at the home but also opportunities to start a playgroup in your area for learning Mandarin. The playgroups can be customized to match any level of language, and also any age of student. Please contact us for more information and availability in your area.