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Thank you for your interest in learning Chinese and visiting our resources page. Please click the links below for some resources that will help you learn the Chinese language.

Introduction to Learning Chinese

Congratulations on choosing to learn one of the most prominent Asian languages of the 21st century. Learning Chinese has become the new linguistic pursuit in schools throughout NYC.  The possibilities with the language seem limitless, but where to start learning Chinese? What is the most efficient way of learning about the Chinese language and culture?

Learning Chinese, as with learning any Asian language, will take dedication and the ability to open your mind to a new way of thinking. Although it seems cheaper at first, it's not recommended to focus your efforts on learning Chinese with just computer software. Even if someone thinks they've mastered the pronunciation of "wo" or "I", try speaking to a Chinese person, you could easily get the tone wrong.

Although we recommend taking group classes and private lessons, we've also created a Chinese language resources page for everyone looking to get a feel for the language. There's a plethora of Chinese language resources on the web these days, but we've chosen to highlight a few worthy websites, and also create language resources of our own (please see the hyperlinks at the top of the page).

Articles for Language Learning

We’ve split up our language articles into 3 groups:

1 - Pinyin and pronunciation 2 - Characters 3 - Conversation

Pinyin and pronunciation


 General Conversation

External Websites for Characters and Vocabulary Building

If you can get over the flashy ads on the website, this site is good for general flashcard exercises. You can choose on the website whichever vocabulary you're currently studying, and then enter it into their flash card program. They make sure to add a lot of special features with their premium account, including stroke order, voice, etc.


When looking for a good dictionary for Chinese, one of the most useful features is the ability to hand write a character. For the above Yellowbridge link, they have a dictionary that has "hand recognition" software for any Chinese character you're trying to look up.

Chinese Learning Online

Description: AllMandarin will provide the best online kids Chinese lessons. We ensure that all learning activities and materials are age-appropriate for your child.