Korean Flash Cards

Thank you for coming to our Korean flashcards page. Below are some categories of flashcards to learn Korean, the first are the basic subjects of Korean, including Hangeul and then numbers, dates and telling time.


Basic Subjects





Active Korean 1 Flashcards

The second collection of flashcards consists of vocabulary and grammar based on our textbook we use for our Korean classes, Active Korean. The vocabulary is selected using about 30 words per chapter, and the grammar has about 15 sentences per chapter (Note: We skipped Chapter 1 that introduces the Korean Alphabet, Hangeul in this section).

Vocabulary                                    Grammar

Chapter 2                                        Chapter 2

Chapter 3                                        Chapter 3

Chapter 4                                        Chapter 4

Chapter 5                                        Chapter 5

Chapter 6                                        Chapter 6

Chapter 7                                       Chapter 7

Chapter 8                                       Chapter 8

Chapter 9                                       Chapter 9