Asian Networking - The Kimono's Mysteries Revealed! on 11/02/10

Asian Networking - The Kimono's Mysteries Revealed! on 11/02/10

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The Kimono is perhaps the most famous article of clothing from Asia. Its beauty and mystery will be revealed from our guest speaker, the general manager of Nihon Wasou in New York City, Mr. Fujii. Mr. Fujii and his colleagues will demonstrate the intricacies of the kimono, how to wear one, and the cultural significance of the kimono both to New Yorkers and to the Japanese.

Kentaro Fujii has established NIHONWASOU USA, INC. in NY on March 10, 2008 and has served as the president while simultaneously taking on the responsibilities of the director of Nihonwasou Holdings, Inc., listed on JASDAQ, which is the parent company of NIHONWASOU USA.

NIHONWASOU sells not only kimono, but also provides complex and culturally rich courses on how to put on and wear kimono.

Classes cover:

- selecting seasonally and event-appropriate patterns and fabrics

- matching the kimono undergarments and accessories to the kimono

- layering the undergarment according to subtle meanings

- selecting and tying obi, and other topics.

Please see Nihon Wasou's website for more information:


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