How To Say Happy New Year in Korean

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Hello everyone! New Year has arrived. January is an important month for Koreans to say Happy New Year to each other. Some may visit their parents or relatives’ houses to say in person. Others would do so by sending out New Year Cards or texting messages. Today I will list various sentences that convey Happy New Year in Korean. The below sentences are adequate to use to those who are older than you are or to those you maintain formal relationships with. [caption id="attachment_9802" ...

Introducing Yourself In Korean

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Hello everyone! This article shows Korean sentences you can use when introducing yourself in Korean. These sentences are simple but will help you succinctly state your name, age, nationality, occupation etc. Please note that the below sentences are a formal form, which is the most appropriate to use to strangers in Korea or elders. When pronounced correctly, you will sound polite and educated. Flashcards https://quizlet.com/175476198/flashcards Press PLAY to practice your ...

October 9th is 한글날!

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Hello everyone, This Friday, October 9th is Hangeul Day in Korea. As you may know already, Hangeul is a unique Korean language writing system invented by King Sejong in 1442 A.D. The Korean government appointed October 9 as a national holiday to commemorate the establishment of Hangeul as well as to promote its scientific beauty to the world. Let me briefly explain the history of Hangeul’s invention. Prior to Hangeul, Korean ancestors wrote in Chinese letters but communicated in Korean. ...

Learning Text from the Dibo Sing Along Video

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Recently, we had the opportunity to do a video project with DramaFever, a video streaming website specifically for Korean programs. In this project, one of our Korean teachers here at Hills Learning, Paul Cho, teaches viewers basic Korean with the first episode of Dibo Sing Along Show. To learn more about Hills Learning's Korean classes, please visit our Korean class listing. Here's the text from the video that we produced: Counting There are two ways to count numbers in ...

Shopping in a Korean Bookstore - Useful Phrases and Korean Language Tips

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How to Shop In a Korean Bookstore In the center of Korean Town, New York City, there is a Korean bookstore called 고려 서적 (Koryo Books).  Since the 1970s, this place has provided Koreans with a variety of books and media items such as dramas, movies, music, CDs etc.  Due to the limited capacity, many customers often find that the materials they are looking for are not in stock, thereby, the store offers an option to place an order on site and pick it up in a few days.  Those who are ...