Free Learning Cantonese Online Resources

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In addition to Hills Learning's face to face Cantonese Classes, we'd also like to point out that there are quite a few good online Cantonese language learning resources. Online resources help with providing practice for the language outside of class, such as audio recordings for listening practice, flashcards, and of course a different take and explanation than what your teacher uses in your Cantonese language class. Here are some the students and staff have used at Hills ...

La, Ga, Gae, Ah, Lor Sound in Cantonese

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How to use La, Ga, Gae, Ah, Lor sound in Cantonese Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong often put some funny sound at the end of a sentence; for instance, la, ga, ah, gae, and lor. These are used to imply and emphasize certain emotions, doubts or urgency in a phrase. In the article, we are going to analyse the use of la, ga, ah, gae, and lor in Cantonese conversation. I. Laa connotes insistence. English Cantonese Situation Pronunciation Hurry up! Fai D laa1 In a ...