Business Chinese Phrases and Explanations - Part 2

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BUSINESS CHINESE 经贸汉语 Part VII Hills Learning is very happy to introduce you its multi-part series on business Chinese.  A piece of advice for those who are still hesitating whether they should start learning one of the world’s most difficult languages: it is always a good idea to start the learning process as early as possible. Try to focus on both spoken and written parts from the very beginning. For the writing system, English-speaking learners need to be a little patient, knowing that ...

Business Chinese Phrases and Explanations

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经贸汉语 Part VI Hills Learning is happy to help our readers to develop their competence in Chinese in a business context. Do not forget to focus on both oral and written skills. Every time you learn a new word or expression, practice writing characters as well. You will not be able to master Chinese if you neglect the written part. Try to memorize not only the characters but also the tones. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language. The meaning of the word is completely different if you change the ...

Learning Business Chinese - Corporate Terms

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BUSINESS CHINESE 经贸汉语 Part V At the office Hills Learning continues its periodic series on business Chinese. The following vocabulary is relatively simple, and it is a good thing, because we want you to learn everything by heart, as these expressions are most frequently used in the corporate environment.   1)      安排会议 (an1pai2 hui4yi4) – to set up a meeting, to arrange a meeting Definition: To prepare a plan for a gathering of people, as for a business or social ...

Learning Business Chinese - Chinese Financial Terms -

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 经贸汉语 Learn Business Chinese – Part IV Welcome back to Hills Learning multi-part series on business Chinese! We hope you will have the best experience in learning this difficult and in some way inefficient language. Always remember that Chinese people themselves seem to be handling their language just fine. If 1.3 billion people are absolutely fluent in written and spoken Chinese, you can too!   1)      战略伙伴 (zhan4 lüe4 huo3ban4) – a strategic partner Definition: Party with which ...

Learning Business Chinese (Part III) - Key Words and Phrases

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经贸汉语 Learning Business Chinese – Part III Hills Learning continues to familiarize you with different business idioms and expressions in Chinese. Although they are mostly designed for business people who intend to develop their ability to use the Chinese language when conducting business in China, we strongly recommend learning these multi-part series for everyone who is studying Chinese.              Enjoy! 1)      互惠互利 ( hu4hui4hu4li4) – mutual benefit, mutually ...

Learning Business Chinese - Phrases and Explanations

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经贸汉语 Learn Business Chinese – Part II Welcome to Hills Learning multi-part series on Chinese business idioms.  Our goal is to enhance your Chinese language understanding and communication in the business environment and culture and help you to learn the Chinese language essential and necessary in the business world. 1)      批发(pi1fa1) – wholesale; to wholesale Definition: The selling of goods in large amounts at low prices to shops and businesses, rather than the selling of ...

Learning Business Chinese Vocabulary - Basic Definitions and Easy Explanations

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经贸汉语 Learn Business Chinese – Part I In 1979, after three decades of isolation, China instituted an open-door policy and launched the economic reforms that led from a centralized planned economy to a market-oriented one. Since then, China’s economy has developed rapidly, and remarkable changes have taken place in other areas. It is obvious that China has become one of the leading economic powers in the world in the past decades. Attracted by its vast market and great potential, most ...