Learning Katakana - Interesting Tips and Tricks

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It's always confusing for new learners to become masters at reading and writing Japanese, especially because Japanese has three "alphabets" instead of one. Luckily, you have come to the right place to get better at all three. Let's give a brief description of the alphabets before moving onto one of them in greater detail; Hiragana (the 1st) and Katakana (the 2nd) are simply variations of each other, while Kanji is made up of characters taken from China that are combinations of ...

Written Japanese - The Lowdown on the 3 Alphabets

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Scared of written Japanese? Does the thought of learning kanji 漢字 (the Chinese characters) give you sudden dread and make you want to sign up for French or Spanish or German or Farsi?? Japanese is generally considered to have one of the most fiendishly difficult writing systems on Earth. However, I think it’d be awful if amazing wonderful prospective language-learners such as yourself were suddenly turned away from Japanese by such a myth. That’s right! It’s true! The notion that any part of ...