8.14.2015 Special Holiday Declared in South Korea

As you may all know already, this year South Korea celebrates the 70th National Liberation Day (in Korean, 광복절) on Saturday, August 15th 2015.  But it falls on weekend that Korean government decided to declare friday, August 14th, 2015 as one time special holiday (in Korean, 임시공휴일) to observe a day.


Korean Fine Dining NYC - Gaonnuri

The upscale Korean restaurant, Gaonnuri, is getting loyal New Yorkers with good quality ingredients and a stylish interior layout. Gaonnuri is located on the 39th floor penthouse of an office building at the entrance of Korean town on 32nd Street and 6th Avenue. For first time visitors, it can be confusing to find the place.


Kim Bum Soo Comes To NYC to Madison Square Garden

Korean R&B singer, Kim Bum Soo, is singing at Madison Square Garden this week. His song I Miss You (bogo shipda: 보고싶다) is the No.1 song Korean men sing in Korean Karaoke, Noraebang. The singer is eager to share his music with fans in New York City. 


Zara Buys Luxurious Building on Myung Dong St - Seoul

Myung Dong is a mecca for shoppers surrounded by luxury department stores, artists’ boutique shops, trendy restaurants, etc. where young Koreans meet up and foreigners from around the world visit to feel the dynamics of the capital city, Seoul. Due to its proximity to major subway lines and convenience to access the country’s trendsetting entertainment facilities, real estate prices are kept high.


Korea Has An End of the Year Celebration? Yes!

Hello everyone. As 2016 is approaching its end, every corner of New York City is filled with holiday spirit. Korea is not an exception! Around this time of the year, many Koreans are eager to get together to celebrate the year-end and to welcome a new year with fresh energy and new resolutions. Streets are busier, restaurants and bars are packed with crowds who wish to enjoy the holiday season.


K-Beauty Skin Care in NYC!

Have you noticed that Sephora, a world cosmetics chain store, is hosting Korean beauty information sessions in New York City? What about all major fashion magazines from Vogue to Instyle competing to write about Korean cosmetics? Many beauty experts in the industry are predicting that South Korea will be the next country leading the skin care cosmetics market after France.


Korean Cooking Blogs

Hello everyone! Today I would like to introduce two Korean cooking websites where you can obtain recipes for your favorite Korean dishes. Among various blogs or media channels available out there, the below two links have proven to supply useful tips yet simple recipes that even novices in cooking, including myself, can easily follow.



Sasaeng Fans!

As the K-pop industry continues to grow and the Hallyu wave continues to spread like wild fire, fans are becoming more invested with the day to day lifestyles of their favorite idols. They are willing to go to great lengths in trying to piece together what idols do when they're not on stage.


Top 5 Korean Scary Movies

Happy Halloween Everyone! Do you have your costumes ready to hit the road? If you don’t plan on joining New York City Halloween parade or a costume party that will take place all over NYC, it is all right. Prepare popcorn, gummy bears, or your favorite snacks to chew on and watch Korean horror movies that I am about to introduce to you.


The Korean Explosion - Culture, K-Pop, etc

A heat wave just came to New York City however; the Korean Wave has taken the world by storm.  What makes it even more amazing is that it took less than 20 years to happen.  In less than 20 years South Korea has come full circle and is again ready to fight his east Asian brothers know as China and Japan for supremacy.  To some people this sounds like a joke.


K-POP and Korean Dramas: Korean Cultural Icons

Korea is well known for many things, including good and healthy foods, fashionable (and cheap) clothes, computer gamers, and B-boy dancers. There are a few more things that have become popular over the last few years, probably the most significant being K-pop and Korean TV dramas. K-pop and Korean TV dramas have been very popular in Asia actually for quite some time.