Business Chinese Phrases and Explanations

Business Chinese Phrases and Explanations

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Part VI

Hills Learning is happy to help our readers to develop their competence in Chinese in a business context. Do not forget to focus on both oral and written skills. Every time you learn a new word or expression, practice writing characters as well. You will not be able to master Chinese if you neglect the written part. Try to memorize not only the characters but also the tones. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language. The meaning of the word is completely different if you change the tone. It is easier than it sounds. Good luck!  

1)      授权点 (shou4quan2 dian3) – an agent; franchise

Definition: A business or group of businesses established or operated under granted authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a certain area.

Example: 这个家庭拥有一个授权点的联营餐馆公司。

Meaning: The family owns a franchise chain of restaurants.  

2)      信息技术  (xin4xi1 ji4shu4) –Information Technology (IT)

Definition: The branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information.

Example: 信息技术在我国是新兴产业。

Meaning: The information industry is an infant industry in our country.

  3)       贸易争端 (mao4yi4 zheng1duan1) – a trade dispute

Definition: A dispute between two or more countries resulting from trade barriers, real or perceived, affecting the exports of at least one of the countries involved.

Example: Another issue was a trade dispute over poultry imports.

Meaning: 另一个问题是有关家禽进口的贸易争端。  

4)      贸易自由化 ( mao4yi4 zi4you2hua4) – a trade liberalization

Definition: The removal or reduction of restrictions or barriers on the free exchange of goods between nations, which includes the removal or reduction of both tariff (duties and surcharges) and non-tariff obstacles (like licensing rules, quotas and other requirements).

Example: 欧洲国家需要把贸易自由化发展下去。

Meaning: European countries need to continue promoting liberalization of trade.  

5)      电子商务 (dian4zi4 shang1wu4) – an electronic commerce (E-commerce)

Definition: Commerce conducted electronically (as on the internet).

Example: 电子商务是网上购买和销售。

Meaning: E-commerce consists of buying and selling online.  

6)      首席执行官 (shou3xi2 zhi2xing2 guan1) – chief executive officer (CEO)

Definition: The corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm; reports to a board of directors; may appoint other managers (including a president).

Example: 他被提升到首席执行官的职位。

Meaning:  He was promoted to the position of CEO.


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