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Chinese Grammar - Part 3



Chinese grammar is an important part of Chinese learning. As you begin to learn Chinese, you should learn Chinese grammar in a systematic way. In this section, you can learn different Chinese grammar patterns that will help you to build the sentences and express your mind in Chinese.

1)      即使…也  ( ji2shi3...ye2)

Meaning: even if; even though, granted that

Example:  即使你们给我再多的钱,我不接受这个工作。

Meaning: Even if you offer me a higher salary, I will still refuse the job.

Example: 即使大家都不去,我要去。

Meaning: Even though you guys will not be there, I still want to go.  

2)       再说, …( zai4shuo1)

Meaning: besides, what’s more

Example:   你为什么不和我们一起去青岛呢? 我哪儿有时间啊?再说,我也不会游泳,去海边有什么意思?

Meaning:   Why don’t you want to go with us to Qingdao?

Do you think I have time for that? Besides, I cannot swim. What’s the point to go to the ocean?  

3)       偏偏...(pian1pian1)

Meaning: Indicates that something turns out just the opposite of what one would expect or what would be normal

Example: 我今天不舒服,可是丈夫偏偏又带了几个客人来吃饭。

Meaning: Today I don’t feel well, but unfortunately my husband invited his customers for a dinner again.

Example: 本来就快迟到了,偏偏自行车又坏了。

Meaning: I was already running late when my bike has suddenly broken down.  

4)      不知怎么的...(bu4zhi1zen3me0de0)

Meaning: Indicates that one is not aware of the reasons, does not know why a certain event occurred or happened.

Example: 不知怎么的最近我没有胃口。

Meaning: I don’t know why I have lost my appetite.

Example: 不知怎么的我走错了路。

Meaning: I did not notice when I started going in the wrong direction.  

5)      毕竟…  (bi4jing4)

Meaning: after all, all in all, when all is said, in the final analysis.

Example: 他再聪明也毕竟是一个孩子。

Meaning: He is very clever, but he is just a kid after all.

Example: 他们看法不一样,常常吵架,可他们毕竟是父亲和儿子的关系,很快就原谅对方了。

Meaning: They don’t see eye to eye and fight very often, but they are father and son after all. They always forgive each other very quickly.  

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