Entrepreneur Series: Mr. Nem Bajra, CEO of Calsoft

Entrepreneur Series: Mr. Nem Bajra, CEO of Calsoft

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Entrepreneur Series:

Mr. Nem Bajra, CEO of Calsoft

Presented by Seiwajuku New York

Partnerships for financial success

Our partnerships with each other – our vendors, clients, and colleagues – are the most enriching, rewarding aspects of work. In particular, our partnerships with our employees are critical to financial success. Although such relationships are intangible and difficult to quantify, they must be placed at the highest priority if a company wishes to succeed.











Nem Bajra, CEO, Calsoft


Nem Bajra was born in Nepal, as the son of a Buddhist priest. He originally studied engineering in Japan, intending to build hydroelectric power plants in Nepal. Regrettably, however, funding was not available in Nepal for this project. He then moved to the United States. After studying computer science in California and the Netherlands, he established his current company, Calsoft.

Despite 911 and several severe economic downturns, he was inspired by Dr. Inamori’s Management Philosophy, which strengthened his commitments to contribute to the community, treat clients with integrity, and promote the material and spiritual happiness of his employees. Calsoft is working toward an IPO with a steady growth and profitability.

Description of Seiwajuku and Kazuo Inamori

Seiwajuku has been aptly described as a dojo or "training hall" of life for business managers who wish to actively examine and develop their philosophies of business management and of life in general with Dr. Kazuo Inamori, Founder of Kyocera Corporation and co-founder of KDDI, two large multinational billion dollar companies.

Dr. Inamori serves voluntarily as Jyukucho (Principal) of a global network of Seiwajuku schools, responding to members questions and engaging them in spirited debate.

Jyukucho Inamori truly believes that developing business managers with Kokoro (heart, mind and spirit) will help to make Japan—and the world—a better place.


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