Free Learning Cantonese Online Resources

Free Learning Cantonese Online Resources

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In addition to Hills Learning's face to face Cantonese Classes, we'd also like to point out that there are quite a few good online Cantonese language learning resources. Online resources help with providing practice for the language outside of class, such as audio recordings for listening practice, flashcards, and of course a different take and explanation than what your teacher uses in your Cantonese language class.

Here are some the students and staff have used at Hills Learning:

The online dictionary at Cantodict ( for quick translations from English to Cantonese and vice versa, and it’s fairly comprehensive.

In addition, here is a website that some other students used for reference for a lot of homework and words.  Our students have said that "the romanization is different than Hills Learning but if you sound them out you can easily figure out how to spell it."

Another good resource to start out learning the Cantonese language learn Cantonese is the Cantonese learning app. It is a great resource.

We hope that these websites prove helpful when students are either looking to start out learning the Cantonese language, or are looking for additional resources and materials to help with their studies in Cantonese. In case you have any further suggestions for learning Cantonese please don't hesitate to suggest something on this post. Thank you and happy learning. -The staff at Hills Learning


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