Key Beginner Phrases for Speaking Thai

Key Beginner Phrases for Speaking Thai

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We have many students learning Thai with us in our classrooms. Here are the top 10 phrases we teach students so they can communicate in Thai with their classmates, teacher, and most importantly people in their lives:



Classroom phrases   

Yes / No                                            

Do you understand?     Yes I do. /

No I don’t. / A little. / One more time, please.

Do you have any questions?  I have a question/ I don’t have   

paa-sǎa Thai


wá-lee nai hôrng-reean

kráp rěuu kâ/ mâi châi

kâo jai mái? kâo jai /

mâi kâo jai/ níd nòi / pûut èek tee

mee kam tǎam mái? mee / mâi mee kam tǎam

Classroom phrases  (cont)

Are you ready?  I am ready. / Not yet.

Is it correct?     Yes.    /   It is incorrect.

Thank you / Thank you very much

It’s ok / you’re  welcome

How do you say that in English?

How do you say that in Thai?


Let’s read together

Please write / listen/ look

Homework   /  Student   /  Teacher

I’ll see you next week.


práwm mái? práwm/ mâi práwm

tùuk dtông mái? tùuk dtông/ mâi tùuk dtông

kòrp kun / kòrp kun mâak

mâi pen rai

paa-sǎa Thai pûut wâa yang ngai?

paa-sǎa ang-grìt pûut wâa yang ngai?


àan práwm práwm gan

gàrúnaa kěean/ fang/ duu

gaan-bâan/ nák-reean/ kruu

jer gan aa-tít nâa


We hope that these phrases will help you both speaking in the classroom when learning Thai and also if you run into someone on the street and need clarification or basic communication skills. Please note, on the right side is the romanization ot Thai, and with it you will see indicated the tone of each Thai word. Be careful to consider using the tone when speaking in Thai, although most Thai people can understand words from context, it is still important to keep in mind the inflection of each syllable.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Thai materials, and we hope that they are helpful for you. 



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