Korean Classes in New York City

Korean Classes in New York City

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Congratulations on choosing to learn the Korean language! In New York City, there's a variety of Korean classes offered from a variety of institutions. This article tries to address the right way to choose your Korean class, along with the advantages of learning Korean over some competing languages.

First of all, why learn Korean? There is a much smaller percentage of people that speak Korean than say Japanese or Chinese. Also, isn't Korean a difficult language to learn?

The Korean language, first of all, has by far an easier alphabet to learn than both Japanese and Chinese. Japanese has 3 alphabets, Chinese has upwards of 5,000 characters. The Korean alphabet Hangeul has a much less intimidating 51 characters. Once Hangeul is learned, reading fluency can be obtained in Korean.

Also, the market for the Korean language is growing. Korean expat populations are slowly popping up across the US, just look at Korean town in New York City or the Flushing area and you'll realize how much influence the Korean culture has on New York City. Politically, with the potential fall of North Korea, Korean speakers will also become a valuable asset (yes, in North Korea they speak the same language as the South).

Now for the second part of our article, how to pick a Korean class and which Korean classes are better than others. The right Korean class for you depends...on you. Your language goals and interests play a central role in deciding if you should take private lessons, group classes, or an intensive Korean language course.

- Test Prep, Advanced Speakers -We'd recommend taking private lessons in Korean. Only private lessons can be tailored to fix advanced speaker's individual weaknesses, and also be designed to have the diligency that is required to pass standardized tests

- Beginners - Depends on how urgent your language needs are. If you can slowly learn Korean once or twice a week, than group classes might be the way to go. If you're moving to Korea in two months and need a crash course in Korean, private lessons can get you on a speaking level quickly and efficiently. Resources to get you started in Korean can be found at: Learn Korean

There's a variety of Korean language schools in Manhattan, each with their own culture and approach to learning language. Hills Learning, compared to other institutions, focuses our efforts on having limited class sizes, along with having fun and effective curriculum. When looking to choose which Korean class is right for you make sure to check the average class size, costs associated with the class (such as registration and start up fees, material fees, cancellation fees), and of course your first impression of the institution is also very important.

We hope this article has helped you in your choices for learning Korean in New York City. Just in case you're interested in taking classes at our facility, our listing of classes is:  Korean Classes NYC


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