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Korean Fine Dining NYC - Gaonnuri

The upscale Korean restaurant, Gaonnuri, is getting loyal New Yorkers with good quality ingredients and a stylish interior layout. Gaonnuri is located on the 39th floor penthouse of an office building at the entrance of Korean town on 32nd Street and 6th Avenue. For first time visitors, it can be confusing to find the place because ongoing construction in the area is currently blocking not only street signs, but also store banners with barricades. However, once you manage to walk into the lobby of the building, a restaurant host will guide you to take an elevator up to the restaurant.  

Warm and Chic Ambiance Pic from grubstreet.com

When you get out of the elevator on the penthouse floor, Gaonnuri bar and lounge plays out before you, and bright yet dim lights set the chic mood for the entire restaurant. Traditional Korean pots are displayed extensively. On your right turn, host staff is waiting to escort you to the table


                                                                               Korean bbq grill Pic from nycgo.com                                                                                  

When it comes to Korean food, many New Yorkers can only think of kimchi (salt and hot pepper marinated cabbage) or grilled barbeque. In Gaonnuri, you can broaden your horizons by trying out the Lunch course at $45 or 3 course pre-fixe menu at $55. Both options include desserts and a variety of Korean side dishes that Korean people eat on special occasions such as holidays.  

The best dining experience Gaonnuri offers is overlooking beautiful New York City views while eating. Due to its high demand for a limited number of tables nearby windows, reservations are strongly recommended. Also, if you prefer to sit at a table away from barbeque tables, you can inform the restaurant in advance and the staff will accommodate your request.

    Table overlooking Midtown NYC Pic from Gaonurri.com   



Address: 1250 Broadway, Koreatown

Phone: 212-971-9045 

Website: gaonnurinyc.com                     


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