Learn Business Idioms - Part 5 - Two "Cut" Phrases

Learn Business Idioms - Part 5 - Two "Cut" Phrases

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Business Idioms Series, Part Five:

Welcome to the Hills Learning multi-part series on business idioms. Each week we’ll be covering 5 business idioms in alphabetical order and giving you the definition and some example sentences.

If you’re an intermediate English speaker and feel confident about your English skills then you can go ahead and try using these idioms at work, or you can just use this list as a reference.

Practice active listening and listen for these idioms at the office or on the news. Some of the idioms will also appear in newspapers as well.

To Cut Corners


“To do something the cheapest, quickest or easiest way, usually sacrificing quality”

Example Sentence:

The construction company cut corners when it was building the new office tower, now there are lots of problems with building safety.


The construction company built the new office tower the cheapest (quickest or easiest) way, leading to problems with building safety.

To Cut Off


“To stop or interrupt something.”

Example Sentence:

The electricity was cut off because of the bad winter snowstorm.


The electricity service was interrupted because of the winter storm.




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