Learning Business Chinese - Corporate Terms

Learning Business Chinese - Corporate Terms

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Part V

At the office

Hills Learning continues its periodic series on business Chinese. The following vocabulary is relatively simple, and it is a good thing, because we want you to learn everything by heart, as these expressions are most frequently used in the corporate environment.  

1)      安排会议 (an1pai2 hui4yi4) – to set up a meeting, to arrange a meeting

Definition: To prepare a plan for a gathering of people, as for a business or social purpose.

Example: 你来安排下次委员会会议,好吗?

Meaning: Will you arrange the next committee meeting?  

2)      发传真  (fa2 chuan2zhen1) – to send a fax, to fax

Definition: To send a document or an image of a document made by electronic scanning and transmitted as data by telecommunication links.

Example: 我的秘书会传真给你我的所有行程。

Meaning: My secretary will fax you all my travel plans.  

3)      快件 (kuai4jian4) – an express mail

Definition: A postal service that guarantees a very fast delivery.

Example: 请用快件递递寄递寄寄这个包裹。

Meaning: Please send this parcel by express delivery.  

4)      参加面试  (can1jia1 mian4shi4) – to interview

Definition: To hold a job interview with someone

Example: 所有的申请者一个接着一个参加面试。

Meaning: The applicants were interviewed one by one.  

5)      搜集 数据  (sou1ji2  shu4ju4)  - to collect data 

Definition: To gather information on a certain topic.

Example: 这些数据应该每星期搜集一次。

Meaning: The data should be collected once a week.  

6)      行政工作 (xing2zheng4 gong1zuo2) – an administrative work

Definition: Work related to the management of a company, school or organization.

Example: 这份工作主要是行政性的。 Meaning: This job is mainly administrative.  

7)       行政助理 (xing2zheng4 zhu4li3) – an administrative assistant

Definition: A person employed to aid an executive, as in a corporate department, by coordinating such office services and procedures as the supervision, maintenance, and control of the flow of work and programs, personnel, budgeting, records, etc.

Example: 我们现在需要聘用一个行政助理。

Meaning: We need to hire an administrative assistant now.

8)       总经理 ( zong3 jing1li3) – a general manager

Definition: The person of general authority who performs all reasonable tasks in conducting the usual and customary business of the principal head or owner.

Example: 你可以和 总经理说说这件事。

Meaning: You can talk to the general manager about this issue.


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